Formel 1 Grand Prix von Belgien 2021

27 29 Aug.
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There are a number of smaller accommodation options close to the circuit in the beautiful town of Spa but these sell-out quickly. There is a wider range of accommodation available in Liege, around 40km from the track. Liege is a university city to the north-west of Spa circuit, and boasts many historical and modern sights. With Liege Airport nearby, it can be the perfect base for your Formula 1 weekend.

Maastricht, a small city in Holland, is also a short 55km from the track. This picturesque Dutch city has stunning architecture and breath-taking views over the Meuse river.

Similarly, the German city of Aachen is just 53km from Spa-Francorchamps. The town favours classic German Renaissance architecture and borders both Holland and Belgium.

All of these towns are a reasonable distance from the rural setting of the circuit and so we would advise that make plans for your travel to and from the circuit ahead of the race weekend.

Useful information and assistance on accommodation can be obtained from the Belgian Tourist Office at


Camping is a popular choice over race weekend and temporary campsites are available at the track. Because of their temporary nature, these campsites usually have only very basic facilities and are not as secure as some permanent campsites.

Set slightly further out from the track, the Young Village camping area is for those camping with tents only and is aimed at young fans who want to get into the party atmosphere.

The privately run Elephant campsite has received positive feedback from customers and can be found at

Due to the beautiful, rural setting of this unique track, there are also campsites available in many of the nearby towns. There may offer more permanent facilities than the track campsites, but will still be a distance from the circuit itself, so you may also need to drive to the track and arrange parking.

IntentsGP Campsite

IntentsGP Campsite

In der Nähe der Autobahn A27/E42, circa 30 Minuten von der Rennstrecke entfernt, liegt der IntentsGP Campingplatz. Dies ist die perfekte Option für alle, die den starken Verkehr während des Rennwochenendes vermeiden wollen. Auf dem Intents F1 ...

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Spa Circuit Campsite

Spa Circuit Campsite

Am Spa Circuit gibt es zwei offizielle Campingplätze. Diese Campingplätze sind temporärer Natur und werden speziell für das Rennwochenende aufgebaut. Deshalb sollten sich Besucher darüber bewusst sein, dass es dort nur sehr einfache Anlagen gibt ...

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Young Village

Young Village

Das „Young Village“ liegt in der Nähe der Silber 4 Tribüne und ist nicht weit von der Rennstrecke entfernt. Der Campingplatz ist für junge Besucher über 18 Jahren geeignet und nur zum Zelten geeignet. Mit Campingpässen für das ganze Wochenende ...

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