Grand Prix von Belgien Formel 1 Großer Preis 2022

26 28 Aug.vorläufig
Gold: 7 Source

Grand Prix von Belgien F1 2022Gold: 7 Source

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Gold 7 is located on the exit to the La Source hairpin as the cars head up the straight towards L'Eau Rouge. To the right, a partial view of the pit straight can be seen.


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Marcos Kohler

05 Sep. 2019


Couldn’t pick my seats

Unfortunately, I couldn’t choose my seats. We were seated on row 2, with the sun on our faces and too low to enjoy

Richard B

04 Sep. 2019


Great weekend

This was my second trip to Spa and it didn't disappoint. Access to car parks was well signed and even after the race on Sunday the delays were not so bad. Facilities in Spa could be better considering the number of fans attending.


02 Sep. 2019


Well above expectations.

Organisation, access and overall atmosphere was excellent. We will be back to Spa in the future.


29 Aug. 2018


Great iconic race met expectations

Always a great race weekend, with so much support at the track, especially from the Dutch, but really from all over. Well organised, including the traffic which is a challenge with so many visitors and so many windy roads around the track - a lesson which other tracks could learn from eg Bahrain. Food and drink OK, bit over-priced, but not the worst for that. One criticism would be the idiot that F1 has brought in recently to "warm up the crowd". Honestly this just trivialises the whole event. Every F1 race is a major major sporting event, and to be told that the drivers need us to do Mexican waves to "give them the energy they need for the race" is a complete nonsense, and frankly a turn off. Please can F1 (I presume it's Liberty) be told to drop this idea


31 Aug. 2016


Great experience once you get there, If you get there.. Terrible transport

We stayed in Liege and travelled to and from the circuit daily. That journey should take max 1.5 hours, but took almost 2.5 - 3 hours each way on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is due to the utterly terrible transport links to the circuit in Francorchamps. We tried the recommended route through Spa - Which was utterly horrendous and found ourselves stranded in the middle of nowhere. We used a seemingly more well known route by people who have visited the track before, through Vervier. Which was a bit more straight forward but massively let down by the circuits 'shuttle service'. Which is nowhere near an actual shuttle service. The buses wait at the stop in Vervier for up to an hour (the heat was blistering on race weekend 2016) with no aircon, to try and pack the bus out completely. Instead of just going every 10 mins like you would expect a shuttle service to do. We ended up getting onto normal buses in Vervier to Franchorchamps (294/395) and completely disreguarded the terrible shuttle service that is in operation. There's no timetable (start and finish times or frequency) anywhere, and when you ask police they tell you they'll come/leave when they come. The transport and fact that the main roads do not get shut off properly (they should be shut off for buses) means that you may miss practice (p3 like we did) even though you left with ample time because they just cannot get the transport right.


30 Aug. 2016


Nightmare to get to. Great race circuit though.

Far too few toilets and a very poor selection of food. Not enough stalls so long queues

An older couple

29 Aug. 2016


Spa 2016

Main issue is getting there and back. Car parks are generally 25/30 minutes walk away and the walk is hilly (and it was 35 degrees Friday and Saturday). Getting to the car parks can be a nightmare - tailbacks are to the E42 and miles back on that. Obviously it is a rural location, but the organisation to get cars at peak times into the car parks is really poor (a single entrance and far too few stewards - so it is not surprising there is a tailback, and in 35 degrees!). Astonishing nobody in F1 seems to care about this enough to observe it - we could have made suggestions in about 5 minutes to improve - there is ample space, but getting cars into it was just too slow. Getting away the only advice is to leave early - getting there arrive at crack of dawn. Facilities at the circuit are pretty basic - loos are to be avoided if atall possible. At one time on Saturday the pay loo (70cents) was out of order in the "gold" 7 stand area and one single disabled loo had to be brought into general use. As oldies my wife and I, who have been to Monte Carlo and Hockenheim found Spa a very physically wearing experience particularly in the heat, although being at La Source was a good viewing area - we saw exactly what happened to the Ferraris and Verstappen!


29 Aug. 2016


Nice race, shame about the organisers - Rip off Merchants R Us ...

Firstly, the organisers should get a grip. On Saturday the toilets next to Gold 7 were out of use so all viewers in Gold 7 and Gold 8 had to wait to use one of two Dixie Toilets. The queues were horrendous, as were the toilets, no doubt, at the end of the day. Why set up a toilet wagon which is defective? Queuing is a central theme to Spa. No, you can't queue to buy a hamburger or chips. First you have to buy tokens - 6 for 20 Euros. Once you have queued 20 Minutes for your tokens, you can now queue to buy your food. Or ice cream. Or drinks. I think the idea is to deflect attention away from the fact that a Magnum Ice cream effectively costs €6,66. I paid for parking - yellow 10. However this was full so we were placed into the back yard of a camping site and told that we are not allowed to leave before 7pm - the race finished at 4! Bearing in mind our yellow 10 parking cost us significantly more than the 16€ face price yet the parking we were assigned was only charging €10, it shows what a rip off Spa has become.

dawn plimmer

31 Aug. 2015


first time F1

The dining options were very limited within the track and most concessions were very busy at peak periods. pay toilets were good. Would be great if you could get commentary in your own language on the radio channels rather than a mix of languages which can be confusing.

Keith Edwards

30 Aug. 2015


Good seats, signage at the circuit appauling to get to your seat.

Lovely weekend, good seats but yellow parking car park when we came out to the circuit there were no signs to the correct stand so followed the crowd and ended up walking miles. It needed a circuit plan at the exit of the car park with "you are here" arrow. Signage in circuit was also terrible and we had to keep asking the way to the stand. When we came out of car park on race day, marshals had disappeared and it was a free for all from 4 lanes and took us three hours! Organization needs to be a lot better.

Helaina Harley

25 Aug. 2015


Amazing circuit!

This is the first time we have gone to the belgian circuit and I must say its an amazing track. Some parts are quite steep but overall its got everything you need. We had seats in Gold 7 and the view was great (1st corner from the start). We stayed at the camping F1 site which is about a 20 min walk which i would also highly recommend.


28 Aug. 2014


Belgian F1

Good experience

D & R

27 Aug. 2014


F1 for the first time

As this was our first experience of F1 we read through all the reviews before we went to find out more about the set up of the day etc. As we were not able to answer all our questions from other peoples reviews we would like to add them now we have experienced F1 for myself. Firstly we booked the coach transfer from Liege train station. We were told to find the coach at the rear exit of the station. After some confusion about where the coach would be parked a coach arrived with no signage to say it was our transport. On asking the drivers assistant and showing him our official tickets and paperwork he could not confirm in English if this was the correct coach. Then the coach moved to another car park and other people boarded the coach. At this point we also made our way to the coach again and was told by other spectators that it was the correct coach. It would have been beneficial for us to have had the name of the coach company or at least for a sign in the front window of the coach to indicate it was for SPA F1 as we were not the only confused passengers. Where we sat was a little disappointing as we didn't see any overtaking. We found the coach parked in the P1 area at 4.15pm as we were told. Just a note on the return journey - it takes about an hour and a half to get out of the venue before even reaching the main roads so make sure you have water/snacks for a very long journey after the race. We were back at Liege station by about 7pm.

Terri Beale

26 Aug. 2014


General review

I was very pleased with our tickets/stand view, the seating was adequate and the view good quality, there are some minor things that I wasn't as satisfied with. 1) parking- I paid in advance for parking for the whole weekend approximately £40 (€16 per day) however the car parks where less then adequate, our car got stuck in the field following the rain and on our way out of the circuit there were car parks changing €10 per day, much less then I paid. 2) stands- although our seats were fantastic I found it odd that on Friday and Saturday you couldn't experience other grand stands as you can at other circuits such a silverstone. 3) signs where not clear we got lost every morning as the route we took the previous day had been closed off. Other then that I was pleased with the experience. Staff were friendly and helpful,

Ian Weakford

27 Aug. 2013


Great weekend, shame about the F1 race!

This was my first time at Spa and I really enjoyed the weekend. The circuit is fantastic. Allowing the fans access to the track after the race and seeing the TV interviews taking place in the pit lane helped overcome the disappointment of a rather dull F1 race. For entertainment, Saturday was the better day. The food outlets close to the stands are very limited creating long queues between races - advice - bring your own. Charging to use the toilets is just taking the...!

G Coco

03 Sep. 2012


It,s a must see Grand Prix, Spectacular track & location !

The 3 day trip to the circuit & parking in the yellow designated area was an experience in it self, just beware to leave time to walk to the track from the car park, driving in & out is fully controlled. La Source 7 was an absolute great stand but if you somehow can 8 is worth it. Be prepared to walk if you want to see even a less than a quater of the circuit, it's not flat & it's big ! Over all I enjoyed it immensely, I highly rate this circuit as a must go & see !

Fionnan Collins

29 Aug. 2011


Belgian GP 26-28/08/11

Excellent seats, great views of corner and circuit. Only gotcha is for photographers like me who had to try and shoot over the fence during practice and qualifying but had no chance of getting clear snaps during race. Advance parking booking may help, not sure if this was an option when I booked. Overall I hope to attend next year, hence great weekend.


05 Sep. 2010


Only "Jobsworths" spoil this event.

My only gripes about this weekend, were that the circuit literature says you are allowed to take alcohol into the circuit (Not strong Liquer), but the cold beers that I had transported in the fridge in my motorhome all the way from England - were confiscated at the gate as we went to do the pitwalk on Thursday! The guard said I could collect them on my way out, but lo and behold, he and my beers had dissapeared, there's a surprise! I wish I'd just opened them and poured them away instead! The only other "Jobsworth" I had the misfortune to meet, wouldn't let us walk down the La Source entrance with Gold 7 tickets (the way we came out!), but you could if you had Gold 8 - the grandstand next door!! This just added a 10 minute walk. albeit uneccessary. Come on Circuit organisation, it's not like you haven't done this before.

Anne B

31 Aug. 2010


Sensational race on a spectacular track!

Go prepared for rapidly changing weather and temperatures! Although totally drenched during practice, the rain made for more exciting driving. Don't miss going up to Eau Rouge and beyond, a lot steeper than it looks on TV. Track food predictably burgers/frites/sausages but plenty of Belgian beer. Security tight. Terrific atmosphere and the race itself full of thrills and spills. At the end of the day, the best man won! Elephant campsite muddy but closest to the circuit.

tim smyth

31 Aug. 2010


Great race

How can you not enjoy a F1 race at Spa? Facilites are basic and there is not much variety of food nor strangely huge chioce of merchandise areas but our gransdstand at Source had a great atmosphere and view. Only gripe would be the official car parking, it took two hours to get to the back of the motorway queue and the organsiation of traffic was pretty inadequate.

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