Grand Prix von Belgien Formel 1 Großer Preis 2022

26 28 Aug.vorläufig
Silver: 2 Spa

Grand Prix von Belgien F1 2022Silver: 2 Spa

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Silver 2 is located on the final part of the straight just before the magnificent L'Eau Rouge bend to the left. The GP2 garages can be seen the the front.


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03 Sep. 2019



Dangerous within the circuit when walking through with scooters, quads etc traveling much too fast. F3 car going under the tyre barrier on the Sunday morning thank goodness he was ok but didn’t think the barrier would or should allow that? Smoking and vaping in the stands. Is it allowed? Biking parking at Blanchinont was brilliant. Information was in correct on the paperwork and stewards didn’t always know the correct up today info. Insufficient toilets on some areas of the track but ones in fanzine well kept.


03 Sep. 2019



Dangerous within the circuit when walking through with scooters, quads etc traveling much too fast. F3 car going under the tyre barrier on the Sunday morning thank goodness he was ok but didn’t think the barrier would or should allow that? Smoking and vaping in the stands. Is it allowed? Biking parking at Blanchinont was brilliant. Information was in correct on the paperwork and stewards didn’t always know the correct up today info. Insufficient toilets on some areas of the track but ones in fanzine well kept.

Nathalie Wuijts

02 Sep. 2019


Toller Atmosphäre

Super Atmosphäre!!!Gute Sicht auf Rennstrecke!!! Minus die höhe Preise für essen und trinken. Parkplatz noch sehr weit entfernt.


01 Sep. 2019


Excellent service and after sales support

I booked my tickets for the Belgian Grand Prix via The information they provided regarding best ways of getting to the circuit, things to look out for other users tips was really good. I encountered 1issue we’re I had bought parking and 72 hours before decided to use the train and shuttle bus. took it upon themselves to sell my car park tickets to another customer and gave me a refund. None if this they had to do however they did it with minimal fuss. I got the feeling that my business mattered to them . I would happily recommend this company to anyone.

Dale Stowell

31 Aug. 2018


4 days at spa F1 2018

All of our booking and advice was great,we read all info prior to arrival and followed them to the letter and everything went 100% to plan Our overall experience was brilliant with great seats in a perfect position I would highly reccomend using you to anyone interested in going to F1

Terry Riley

29 Aug. 2018


Unpredictable racing, great fun

I managed to get tickets to one of the Silver stands, near Eau Rouge, which was way more interesting than staring through a stand of trees up on the general admittance area that I've done on two previous occasions. The unpredictable weather on the Saturday provided a bit of a shuffle of the predicted front runners for the race in the qualifying sessions. Happily, I was prepared with the right sort of wet weather clothing that I didn't need an umbrella. The only downside to the Saturday was the very long trek all through the village of Francorchamps from the bus to the trackside. I have never done the Saturday by bus before, and the walk was a bit of a shock! It was all downhill, BUT the walk back to the buses was necessarily uphill! Keeps you fit! Despite that, it was fun. Sunday was altogether different, being a little warmer and drier, for a start. Expecting another bus to track trek, I was surprised to be on a bus that fetched up by the main entrance from where I was only a five minute walk to the allotted stand! And the return was the same. There are support races, such as GP2 and the Porches, if you get there early enough on the Sunday, and a couple after the Quali sessions on the Saturday. The Porsches make more noise than the F1 cars these days. However, in the support races and the F1 event, I was surprised at how quickly the cars get accross Eau Rouge and around Radillon - I half expected them to take off at the top. TV just doesn't do the live experience of that section of the track justice! It's a shame Lewis couldn't hold the pole position past the first corner, but that's racing. There was an incident on the first corner, involving three cars, which wasn't visible from our seated spot, but happily we could watch most of the action on the large TV screens in front of us. The track facilities (loos, food stands and so on) were always crowded, unless you got there early. To save money, take most of your food and drink with you. Just because you bought more expensive tickets doesn't mean you're made of money; you just wanted a better view of the action. Thoroughly recommended, and I should say I had nothing but praise from the guys from BookF1, who dealt with my last-minute change of address with absolutely no fuss. Tickets still arrived in plenty of time. I will be going again, hopefully next year.

Joe large

28 Aug. 2018


Fab- u- lous

Fantastic weekend atmospheric. Yellow parking no probs getting in. After Grand Prix chaos trying to get off site. No movement for 2hours.

JH 2018

28 Aug. 2018


Spa GP Location is beautiful


First visit to Spa and my overall feeling is that the location is stunning! No TV images can display the undulations/gradients of the track. Eau Rouge is obviously the famous 'hill' but it's really insignificant compared to the track in general. Stunning scenery through the forest. We walked for miles. Good shoes are a must as there is a lot of walking involved. We had blistering sunshine, rain, fog and hail stones all within the weekend!! I'd recommend the circuit to anyone, fabulous weekend and i'll certainly go back. Only downside for me was that the food was obscenely expensive. The F1 official store prices were as equally eye watering. 55-80 Euros for a 3 year olds T-Shirt, 170 Euros for a coat and 40+ Euros for a team Cap. Stand selected (Silver 2) was superb and view was fantastic. Only comment about seating is that despite this being the longest track on the calendar General Admission is massively oversubscribed and invaded by half of Holland supporting Max so i'd highly recommend buying a Grandstand ticket for Quali and Race day! Not enough toilets around the track at all but all reasonably clean. Overall - i'd go back in a heartbeat. Will take a packed lunch next time though!

Sarah Shaw

27 Aug. 2018


Epic day in Spa!

I had front row seats in Silver 2. Not only a fantastic view of La Source through to Eau Rouge and Raidillon, the block was right next to the F1 Fan Zone. Here you could get a wide selection of food and drink and there was plenty of entertainment, including love DJs. One of the best races I have been to thank you BookF1!


31 Aug. 2017


Great but stand security was poor

This was the first time I'd visited Spa and I'm sure it wont be the last. It is well set up for general admission with lots of places where you can view the track and there are even several free stands for you to view the race which I'd never seen before at other tracks I'd visited. I had a weekend ticket in silver 2 which had a great view of the cars climbing the hill. Sadly though the large TV was absent and instead there were 2 very small tv's which were at either end of the stand and because we were sat in the middle struggled to see them. The only other negative was that the security to our stand were using iPods to check people in and out, this caused long delays and they weren't working properly either. Several people entered our stand in error. They gave up during the race and several general admission ticket holders flooded into our stand blocking the steps and our view. All in all though it was enjoyable and even without the ability to roam on the Friday I'd go again.

Hattie Bowden-Howl

30 Aug. 2017


Fantastic experience. Awful traffic!

What an atmosphere - it really is a beautiful place to wander around. We had seats which really helped because it would have been difficult to get good views if we had bronze tickets as it was so busy and we would have had to get there earlier in the morning, We used the train to Vervier (from Brussels) which was fine, on time but they didn't organise enough buses for the crowds so we were left waiting for a while on the Saturday (Sunday was better). The traffic nearing the circuit was just awful and was easily a drain on our day - a 40 minute journey turned into 1.5-2 hours. Leaving the circuit on the Sunday - it took 1 HOUR TO TURN A CORNER! the traffic was so horrendous and lots of people were getting irate - all very frustrating and we arent sure why it took so long for us to get back to the train station but it was much later than necessary. Otherwise, it really is an amazing place to watch the grand prix with great waffles and icecream on offer!


29 Aug. 2017


Silver 2

Overall was a great weekend - however the facilities in Spa is below average, lack of enough toilets and the walk ways to and from the various track points are far too narrow and can take a long time to navigate through the circuit. Also the acces to the circuit via the motorway was horrendous on both days. If you put that to the side the seats in Silver 2 were great and he view of the run down to Eau Rouge amazing

Derrick Smith

26 Sep. 2016


A disappointing weekend

Car park too far away to walk with a bad ankle. Poor view of track from front row of stand due to crowd and wire netting. These factors plus hot weather made me decide not to attend for actual race day. I preferred to waste my ticket and watch the race on tv.

A vincent

04 Sep. 2016



I was very dissapointed this year with the way it was organised. We paid for yellow parking which i thought would be secure parking but on saturday we were parked up by the side of the road and told to walk the rest of the way not only this but we were also on the opposite side of the circuit!! Two days we had this and missed 3rd practice and the gp2 race. After all the money spent on the tickets we would like to have been treated better than this i think you would agree.


03 Sep. 2016


Fantastic experience lucky with our seats and weather exceptional

Book F1 gave us plenty of information we sat in spa silver 2 and we're lucky to have row 7 as top row so could stand ( and get breeze) excellent view even not standing it extends from the first bend after hairpin and you can see right up the hill towards kemmel. Facilities were just behind and you could pay a few cents for a less pungent toilet. System for food drinks with buying tickets and paying with them was good although expensive.we took in our own food and plenty of water as weather exceptionally hot. We went to the pit walk on the Thursday but this was a bit frustrating due to the heat we were held in a small lane on the entrance in the blazing sun 35 degrees people were really suffering once we were realised it was OK and the firemen put on a hose for the rest of the afternoon was able to see the drivers and get some photos walk to the pits down the start and get some great videos of wheel change practice from the teams our car park was yellow be prepared for a hilly walk to the circuit which again was hard in the heat especially going back although it would be difficult in the wet also. One good thing about where our parking was was that we didn't have long queues down the motorway we stayed in weyverce and had a pretty untroubled journey others for the Red and blue parks queuing for up to 3 hours on race day. Iwould recommended Spa Francorchamps to see a grand prix live we had exceptional weather and the vestapen fans made it full but I would not change a thing fantastic


01 Sep. 2016


Great weekend

Great weekend at Spa-Francorchamps. We stayed in Liege so got a 20 minute train to Verviers and then a shuttle bus to the circuit. On the Saturday it took ages, we left Liege at 9am and didn't get to the track until 11:30am. Lots of traffic. On Sunday we left at 7am and it took an hour to get to the track, would really recommend the early hours start. Great track to walk around, and a great atmosphere too. Lot's of places to hide from the sun or rain. Silver 2 stand was good place to watch the race, you can see through from La Source (including pit exit) all the way to the start of the Kemmel Straight, of course this includes Eau Rouge which is brilliant. Two screens to watch action not in front of you too. Plenty of toilets, plenty of food, all mainly typical of European F1 tracks so nothing too amazing with the food. All in all, Saturday was a bit of a struggle but if you leave yourself enough time as we did on Sunday then all goes smoothly, so a great time was had.

James B

31 Aug. 2016


Great weekend at Spa in Silver 2 seats

You kept me well informed and advised about ticketing status, and your pre-event information was very helpful which gave us cionfidence that we could rely on your advice without hesitation. We enjoyed being able to walk the circuit (using our grandstand tickets for general access) and view support activities from different locations, knowing that we had our reserved seats in the grandstand for whenever we wanted to return there. We weer lucky with the weather - baking sun throughout - which was handy, given that the seats are uncovered. Silver 2 gave us good views - down from La Source to the right and all the way through and up Eau Rouge when looking to the left. A TV screen more or less in front of us and the Radio 5 commentary (internet connection using the FIA F1 site) meant we were well set up and informed! Entry to the circuit was very efficient and organised on all days; getting out took a little longer (and hour and a half each day to get back to Stavelot, 3 miles away) but that was only to be expected.


30 Aug. 2016


Iconic race venue

Incredible circuit but be prepared for a long hot walk in from the car parks and an even hotter walk back up the mountain after each day.


30 Aug. 2016


Great race but need to be fit!

The views from Silver 2 were pretty good but uncomfortable seats, just a plastic base bolted to concrete. No shade, even behind stands (garages underneath)and it was a very hot weekend. Having booked parking at €16/day 'behind the f1 village' didn't expect a half hour hilly walk, followed by a two and a half hour wait to get out on Sunday - other days went smoothly. Some facilitates are showing their age but spectacle and views - if you are prepared to hike! - are very good.


30 Aug. 2016


Belgium GP 2016

Very easy and quick booking procedure. The Belgium GP is a must visit for any motorsport fans seeing the famous circuit and particularly Eau Rouge. The circuit has a lot of steep hills so be prepared for some serious walking. Offers all of the expected facilities however some food items are very expensive. A great weekend at an an amazing track

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