Grand Prix von Belgien Formel 1 Großer Preis 2022

26 28 Aug.vorläufig
Silver: 4 Bruxelles

Grand Prix von Belgien F1 2022Silver: 4 Bruxelles

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The Silver: 4 Bruxelles


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02 Sep. 2019



The event was overshadowed by the death of an up and coming F1 driver Anthoine Hubert and our thoughts and prayers are with his family. The circuit is an amazing track just a shame the infrastructure around the circuit is terrible for access. 2 hours to get out of car park on Sunday. 20-30 miles detour each day when leaving the circuit to return to hotel which was only 7 miles from circuit. And to our most annoyance, our 3 day pass did not allow us access to sit on other stands on Friday and Saturday (Roaming pass). This is something which has always been a bonus for being able to view the circuit from different stands. Why was this not allowed at this circuit?


30 Aug. 2017


Avoid any (dutch)traffic jam

There are many reviews about this event, and the tendency is : either you love it, or you hate it. I will summarize this in in a few classes of spectators just to be clear what to expect. A) Got the money and got the time : Buy a seated number on any grandstand you like, just to avoid any crowd who gets in the way. Although I've read that even in some high-priced seats there is no clear view possible. But you can check that out before and hopefully be lucky with the appointed row. Still carefully check it out where to stay for the weekend, as the camping sites might be very cheerful (all the night through) but not pleasant, including the very basic needs for survival. B) Got the money, but no time : Do not choose this transport-included-arrangements as they all suffer the same : the lack of decent roads to the circuit. Even if you have a decent seat and view of the race, this hour-long traffic jam will be an anticlimax to the few happy hours you experienced on this world class track ! C) Got no money still yet time : This will force you to a general acces pass (Bronze) which allows you to wander all over the circuit and check for the best possible seat. BUT (especially at race day) nowdays there are at least 80.000 people who wants the same, so unless you are not willing to get in line at 6 AM when the gates open, you will still be forced to get in line for an inferior view of the race. But then again you just purchased an entry and don't expect to get something more.... D) Got no money and no time : This is just for racing day (which I did) and this actually is my experience which I can really advise after all....reading the horror stories which I read in advance and again this year. I expected the worst but after all it turned out to be good experience, except Max got out of the race too soon (yeah I'm dutch..). So maybe this advise is only usefull for dutch visitors, but I am sure this will be valid for anyone who comes from the WEST. We choosed to drive to Antwerpen and to Liege to avoid all the uasual expected dutch traffic jams from Maastricht to Liege. In this way you enter the area via the E25 and even while we followed the offcial route through exit 48 (Werbomont) we were able to reach the parking grounds at Rivages at exactly the time our navigation system predicted !! We parked our car at 08.30 in the field, walked to a near entry gate (not Combes, but maybe a new opened oneto the left) and had all the time to buy foodtickets (if you liked) and walked to our (yet half empty free-setaed tribune). So no fuzz about that ! This prosperous beginning didn't match the rest of the day, but you can't have it all... After the race the expected shit always hits the fan, because it's a hell of a crime to get thousands of cars leaving one single entry road.....and that's the real problem. Although it took only 1,5 hours from green parking (young village) to get to the E25, it's no fun to get stuck in a meadow for one hour without hardly any moving... But then again on the Malmedy side many were stuck for hours on a similar meadow ;-) All-in-all : if you can you should take the entry via the E25 and Stavelot : this will save you hours on traffic jams. Actually never seen this mentioned in all reviews before but take this for granted : access from E25 and preferrably Blanchimot and green parking 123 + 124 (young village). If you get ther in time you will be able to make it in time ;-) I share this with you because I still think that all visitors/spectators are only welcome to get the money sucked out of you. And this organisation doesn't care after you arrived at the venue : at leaving you are left alone, or free-for-all as mentioned before... All true about the high pricing, but you can avoid that if you want. And leaving the area is though because of the lack of roads, but don't even bother to taking care of it (again) is really to be shamed for.... So after all I did have a good experience (thank god it didn't rain), but I will prefer another venue for my next visit to a F1 race...I've heard Dubai is treat compared to this. (I'd rather spend the hours in an Emirates plane than a car)

Glen Wheeler

29 Aug. 2017


Great Weekend But Extremely Busy

I love Spa, it has so much History. I went into the weekend with High expectations and loved every minute of it, however I have to say if you're going to Spa be very prepared for Queues and over crowding. It's the worst I've been to for Queues and crowds, very very busy and if you go General Admission don't expect Grand Stand Seating at all on the Friday practice sessions. I have been to many races and we've always been to sit in Grandstands. Not this time though. I would also like to mention the options for food there. It's dreadful. We ate Burgers, Sausage and Chips all weekend, It was disgusting. No real food options like other tracks. As for the track, then just wow! Unreal, the best part of the weekend for me! I loved it!


31 Aug. 2016


Silver 4 tickets with young village camping

We just enjoyed a wonderful weekend at the Belgium Grand Prix. The track is actually great for viewing without grandstand tickets but we had the luxury of not having to get down early on race day to secure a spot. As we had weekend passes we enjoyed the pit walk on Thursday very much, even though it's a very long walk from the young village campsite - maybe 6 miles each way all the way around the outside of the track. Wonderful atmosphere and in beautiful surroundings. Things that definitely could be improved on: Camping: We stayed in the young village and it's very basic (as were the other campsites that we saw) Hilly and uneven field. Long drop toilets - to be fair these did get cleaned but no toilet roll etc. Showers are cold water and the doors are frosted plastic but you can see through them. I felt very vulnerable showering as a woman knowing a bunch of lads in the queue could see me! Luckily the weather was fantastic but even though it didn't rain the area around the showers and toilets was a muddy swamp, which meant this got walked through into the shower cabin. I have been to festivals with warm showers and much better facilities. If it had been raining, using the camping facilities would have been hideous. I would suggest hiring in the 'posh wash' shower blocks or something similar, which come with staff who sweep them out after each use. Usually these are charged at about 3 euros. There is a bar area at the young village but I felt they were really missing a trick with the lack of food. It's a good hour and 30 min walk to the nearest town and we did this as there was no food to but at the campsite. Food: The only food available track side is low quality junk food which is quite expensive. I'm not sure many people want to eat this type of food 3 days in a row... I felt this was really disappointing especially given the huge varieties of cuisine you can get at outside events these days. Overall I'd say it was a great experience and I would reccommend it. If I did it again I would stay in a hotel or a motor home. My husband and I love camping and are regular festival goers - we are used to slumming it - but the camping conditions were very below par.


30 Aug. 2016


Queue, queue, queue, race, queue, queue, queue...

While the service from has been excellent, our experience of the race itself was a little less so. First, the Silver 4 stand at Bruxelles was a good position, in its own policed area with its own very clean toilet facilities (0.70 euro cents per go but worth it given the state of the facilities elsewhere). It also has its own beer/drinks stand, and a burger stand open on race day. The seats in the stand are tightly packed though so you get to know your neighbours quite well and the seats are too small for the size of some of the people in them. If your neighbour is large then you will get very cozy. Also there are no smoking restrictions so people smoke freely in there which can be a nuisance if you are a non-smoker. Our seats (15 and 16 row 20, one row from the back) in the middle B section were pretty good - good view of the track coming down to the corner although the stand structure itself obscures it a little. Probably the best seats to have would be section B row 21 around 10 to 14 for the view, and the coolest on a hot day as you get the breeze. There is a large screen facing the stand to see the other parts of the race but the stats coverage is not as good as on the television - it just shows the top 10 positions and no timings between etc. There is a single FM frequency for F1 radio - during qualifying and racing this was cycling through commentary in French, Dutch and English but the English commentary was poor - we had brought radios with us especially to listen but in the end decided not to bother. We were staying in Liege which is about 30 mins drive away normally. We had parking pre-booked. I would highly recommend booking but on race day we did not get into the car park we booked into as it was already full - they police the fact that you have green parking but not which actual car park you are in - so our Green 129 parking counted for nothing as they had already filled it up. Day 1 (free practice) we drove to exit 11 (from Liege) as advised - there was a 2 kilometre queue on the hard shoulder to exit the motorway at 10 in the morning. Most of the time the queue was at a standstill. It took us 2 and a half hours to get in and park. (We had passed a queue of at least 3 km into junction 10 for the yellow car parking). We missed the first free practice session but got to see the second. It took only half an hour to get out after the second session. Day 2 (qualifying) we did the same again at around 8.30am - this time there was almost no queue into junction 10 but again at least 2 km queue into junction 11 and it took around 2 and a half hours again to get in. It took us 45 minutes to get out after qualifying but only because we took an alternative 'BIS' route marked up (in bright orange) to the E40 for the Netherland and German drivers. This takes you on back roads to just near Malmedy and then the marked route takes you left up towards Eupen and the E40 - we turned right and went through Malmedy and accessed junction 11 from the otherside with no traffic. Apparently it took people 3 hours to leave going the normal route out. On race day we allowed ourselves 5 hours to get in and set off around 8:20. We were parked up by around 12:20. This time there was a 8 kilometre tailback into junction 11. They had filled our booked car park up so sent us to another which was reasonably close to the circuit but proved impossible to get out of. It took 5 hours to get back to Liege, most of this stationary triying to exit the car park. Again we took the alternative route but this time went to Liege via Eupen - a bit of a long way round but once moving there were no further big queues except for about 1 kilo slow into the roundabout at Eupen. Once parked up, access to the circuit also proved problematic - simply too many people and too few access points. On qualifying day it took us about 30 minutes queuing (standing in 35 degrees sunshine) to get through the security and ticket checkpoint at Coombes. On race day it was about 10 minutes by the time we got there, but people who got there earlier said it took an hour. Apparently they opened up a second gate after a while - not sure why they could not do this earlier if they had the staff. I am not sure what to recommend - the camping on-site option looks appalling if you are 50-somethings like us - one big all night party by the look and the facilities are gruesome. I think I would try and stay closer (maybe 4 or 5 kilos away) and take bicycles. There may be quieter campsites away from the circuit. Or set off at 6 to get into the queue for the carpark before 7 - but you will still be in the queue to leave. Or park further away and walk in, so you are nearer the head of the queue on leaving. I would recommend you take your own food in, unless you really like cheap meat and chips (really the only options). There is simply no room to have a cool box by your feet in the stands though. The whole thing may have been made worse than usual by the sheer volume of Dutch fans coming over the border to support Verstappen and the Belgian traffic police simply were not able to cope. We saw very little actual on-track action in comparison to how much time we queued. We won't do this race again unless we can afford a private helicopter in and out...


11 Sep. 2015


F1 is great, track is great, rubbish facilities

Sat close to the trackside so had a great view of the race, and all the action. Minus points were that there were too few toilets - chaps were peeing in the car park behind the stands! when a toilet was available it cost 70c to get in - rip off when you think of the ticket prices! All food and drink was bonkers expensive - £4 for a cornetto ice cream, and forget eating anything - it was low quality junk food, not even a decent burger

Glenn Hall

25 Aug. 2015


Belgium Grand Prix


Clare Denny

25 Aug. 2015


Good bits and bad bits

Firstly thank you for an amazing weekend however there are some issues that i would like to raise. Firstly the food outlets at the circuit were very slow in service and obviously did not have enough staff working in them. Also the variety of food on offer could be more extensive, chips and burgers are ok but not for 3 days in a row. Having been to Silverstone on two other ocassions the variety of food on offer there was much better. I also found that having to pay to go to the toilet was a little excessive especially bearing in mind the amount it costs to get to Spa with tickets, transport and accomodation included. I know it wasnt a huge amount and i appreciate that most of the time in europe you do pay however again at a sporting event like that it was a bit harsh. Lastly leaving the circuit on the Sunday took us nearly 3 hours! Again i appreciate that there were a lot of people there and there are a lot of people at Silverstone buti have never waited 3 hours. Having said that the weekend as a whole was very good and i will be looking to book again next year.


25 Aug. 2015


Great weekend - very poor camping facilities

We had tickets for Bruxelles Grandstand which has limited veiws and a long uphill climb to get to. One of our older party really struggled. (Pay extra for Gold granstand it is worth it) Campsite (Yellow) booked thro bookF1 position wise was great for town and paddock, but facilities of 6 single portable toilets for campsite of 1000+ people - was shocking/disgusting.

Paul Heal

25 Aug. 2015


Spa Sunday race

Arrived in good time easy to get to the car park with a short walk to the circuit. A lot of the merchandise on offer was out of date may have been different in the formula one village. My stand offered a great view and the back end of the pits was also in view. I was on the back row of my stand which I was happy with but the seating was uncomfortable and to cramped but it did not spoil my enjoyment. Being undercover made a difference. Would recommend this stand but the giant screen was not in its proper place so it was not easy to see who was in what position as loudspeaker system inadequate. Expect 2 hours to get to a motorway from the circuit after the race.

Alan in Derby

26 Aug. 2014


Fantastic race weekend

Fantastic place for the F1 purist . It's all about the track & location . Signs for Green Campsite not great however after 9 hour drive that might have been me ! . Small pitch however great fun , take ear plugs music & fire works until 3am . Take plenty of warm clothes and water proof boots ! . No surprise regardless how the weather has been prior to event it will be wet !! . + Showers great if up early ! €2 Great time , next on wish list MONZA !!


04 Sep. 2009



We were seated in Silver 4 Bruxelles. We were told that we would have a Giant Screen in front of us. This was not true. In fact, the Giant Screen was located on the same side of the track as us and was too far away to look at. You couldn't even read who was in the lead or anything. This is unfortunate, as it took away the enjoyment of the event. We felt that even though we were at the race we really didn't know what was going on.

Stevie...Ferrari Fan

03 Sep. 2009


Spa 2009

Overall had a great weekend! The weather was good which definitely is a bonus at Spa. We stayed in Cologne, across the border in Germany (flew in to Dusseldorf), and travelled each day to the circuit. It took about 90 mins but was no hassle at all...only the return journey after the GP was a took 4 hours to get down the hills from the track and back on to the Autobahn. Facilities are fairly basic at the circuit...not a great selection of food available...take your own. Also take your own toilet paper!!! Shopping is limited and not all the teams were represented...very disappointing! Would go again though...didnt really appreciate how the circuit climbs and dips from the TV coverage...good atmosphere from the crowd! Worth a visit!


01 Sep. 2009




01 Sep. 2009


Fantastic experience.. exceeded expectations

My partner and I had an amazing time at the belgium grand prix. It was our first GP experience and we were not sure what to expect but the circuit was awesom set in a beautiful forest and the atmosphere was great too. The walks from one end of the circuit entrance to our grand stand at silver 4 were pretty tough up some steep hills but that gave us a chance to see the whole circuit and get different views of the cars - the view from our grandstand was great as the cars slowed down quite a bit at the curve so we got a great view of them there. The food selection was not the best, only hot dogs and chips really.. but there was good availability throughout and we never had to queue long for anything. Previews revies I read had mentioned problems with the transport but i found it to be very efficient and if you just make sure to check with the bus drivers what the pick up points & times are there should be no issue. Fantastic weekend & I would stronly recommend it to annyone


31 Aug. 2009


Silver 4

The silver 4 stand is separate from the rest of the track and it isn't easy to get to other parts of the track, depends which steward is manning the gate. Its not like silverstone where you can sit in any grandstand for the Fri and Sat, you have the same seat the whole weekend. There are more limited eating facilities at silver 4 than at any other stand. The giant screen is shown to be directly in front of the grandstand on the circuit layout however it was placed at one side and was very far back. We actually had to stand in front of the screen for practice and qualifying to see the times and placings of the drivers. Personally if returning to the Belgian Grand Prix we would buy a ticket for the bronze area as there is lots of room to watch with a great view from the banks! The weekend was great but just don't expect the same atmosphere as silverstone! There is no entertainment at the track, it is very much watch the races and go home again. You have to pay 60 cents to use the toilet and there is a choice of only hotdog, hamburger or chips for lunch! All said and done it was still a good weekend.

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