British MotoGP 2021

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MotoGP VIP Village™

Grand Prix von Großbritannien MotoGP 2021MotoGP VIP Village™

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The MotoGP VIP Village™ is the exclusive and official hospitality programme of the MotoGP™ World Championship. Organised and run by Dorna, MotoGP VIP Village™ packages offer race viewing from prime locations at each Grand Prix, as well as exclusive entertainment programmes and a friendly and professional catering service. The packages are tailored to cater to the most individual requirements of clients; offering equally excellent experiences for small or large groups or individual MotoGP™ fans.

The British MotoGP VIP Village™ will be located in a large, fully-equipped marquee, located in the infield facing the COPSE turn with close views to one of the most exciting parts of the circuit.

Britain silverstone vip village
Britain vip village lounge

On the link below you will find a video of the MotoGP VIP Village™ package. Please note that facilities and benefits are specifically arranged for each Grand Prix to offer the best possible experience at each race. Individual VIP guests or small groups will be accommodated in the general area with informal seating, whereas groups of 6 guests will have a corporate table.

Opening Hours:

  • Saturday: 9.00 - 17.00
  • Sunday: 8.30 - 16.30

Facilities include:

  • Stylish air-conditioned venue with comfortable seating, and elegant furniture and decoration
  • Comprehensive live race coverage on TV Screens
  • Exclusive car parking - One parking place for every two guests (exclusive motorcycle parking is also available on request)
  • Walking distance from the VIP Parking to the MotoGP VIP Village™ entrance
  • Comfortable seating allocated for each guest
  • Rapid antigen detection testing before entering the VIP Areas on each day

Fine Gastronomy including:

  • Breakfast buffet
  • Gourmet lunch
  • Afternoon Temptations served at the buffet
  • Complimentary Bar serving all day refreshments: Red Bull Energy drinks, Singha Beer, Wine and Prosecco Bar

Thrilling Entertainment including:

  • VIP Raffle Prizes:
    • BMW X5 Track Parade
  • MotoGP™ World Champions Trophy Photo Opportunity
  • Meet & Greet with former riders
Britain vip village balcony viewing
Britain paddock tour

COVID Information - MotoGP VIP Village™ Access

  • Obligatory Covid-19 Detection test on both days before entering the MotoGP VIP Village™
  • Face mask must be worn at all times
  • It is recommended to go directly from the reserved VIP parking to the MotoGP VIP Village™ Hospitality Area and vice versa
  • Follow the recommended routes
  • Avoid touching handrails and walls
  • Use the Stairs
  • COVID Information - MotoGP VIP Village™ Hospitality Areas

    • Keep a 2m safety distance
    • Face mask must be warn at all times (except during the meal and always while seated at the table)
    • There is increase cleaning and readily available Hydroalcoholic gel for hand sanitation
    Britain authorised seller

    MotoGP VIP Village™ reserves the right to modify the benefits and services offered.

    A private corporate area can be arranged for groups of more than 48 people and this area can be customised to suit corporate requirements.

    Prices are per person. Children under 2 years are entitled to free entry, please advise us if a child of this age will be attending.

    to free entry, please advise us if a child of this age will be attending.


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28 Aug. 2017


A different way to enjoy MotoGP

Great food, toilets without queues, drinks galore! Great location to watch from and pit walks were lengthy and fruitful. Paddock tour was also great if you spoke to your hostess about who you were hoping to see. Ours got my son on TV! My son also won a helmet in the raffle- thrilled. Could do with more seating outside and better signposting to the parking.


28 Aug. 2017



had VIP tickets Every thing perfect My only concern is the paddock tour was way too quick

Jayne Grant Derek Australia

28 Aug. 2017


Great time well organised very professional

We attended the British Moto GP at Silverston 2017 not knowing what to expect we left in a total high had the best time extremely well organised with everything from tickets arriving Australia in time the parking both arriving and leaving the food seats and general running of the show. The motor racing was amazing.

Debbie Gair

08 Sep. 2016


Moto GP

The only thing I felt could be really improved was the variety of drinks on offer and service provided at the bar. The service felt like it was deliberately slow and the cocktails sounded lovely but weren't pleasant at all. I can appreciate that there is a limit to the amount and variety of drinks that affordability allows you to provide, but it felt like it was being done as cheaply and begrudgingly as possible.


06 Sep. 2016


Great weekend

The MotoGP Village experience was excellent, the food and drinks were very good and the service excellent. If I had to be a bit picky, some of the food offering was a little odd (crisps with curry powder?), but this in no way detracted from a great weekend.

Terry Giles

05 Sep. 2016


Poor car parking and Marquez stand not decorated like others

Took me over 2 hrs to get out of the carpark, no marshalls in sight anywhere. Stand was not decorated like the other fan stands and the flag promised in the "goody" bag was nowhere to be seen!

Marie Ward

05 Sep. 2016


First Class

5 star service

Jacquie Capper ( cheshire Mouldings)

05 Sep. 2016


disappointing car park

great weekend- great catering facilities- big problem I booked 6 tickets only got 1 car park pass- couldn't get us all in one car - raised issue at 9am when I got there - was told to go to entrance to sort - which I did on our way out sat - was basically told I hadn't booked anything and I couldn't buy or get a pass off them -so purchased online - had to wair over 2 hours to exit the car park - given what we paid for the tickets that was a disgrace - how can 6 people get in one car ?


02 Sep. 2015


Silverstone 2015

Overall it was a great experience, however they could have put the village marque up closer to the track for better viewing. However overall it was well organised, neat and clean

Patrick Mandikate

01 Sep. 2015



It would have improved our experience if the paddock tours had escorts who knew something about Moto GP and the racers etc. we found that most of our questions could not be answered by our tour guide.

Ian Dagley

01 Sep. 2015


VERY VERY poor traffic control spoilt the day.

Had to queue from the M1 both lanes of the A43 right to the circuit. Then took 1 hour and 10 mins to do the first 40 yards out of the Club parking area. the whole of the next large car park had emptied BEFORE anyone could get out of Club... hopeless.


01 Sep. 2015


Good time at VIP village

The VIP village was excellent. Directions should be given as to which car park to head to as once we arrived at the circuit no-one knew where to send us and it took 40 minutes being sent this way and that until we found someone who knew we needed to head towards gate 19 to get into the circuit. Directions should be sent with the tickets as to where to head towards. We were not the only ones there that had encountered the same problems.

Keith Grisman.

31 Aug. 2015


Good food, good service, poor information before arrival and on arrival.

Due to the weather, having no cover/roof on the viewing platform meant a lot of fans got quite wet during the racing. VIP parking, great on Saturday, not allowed in on Sunday, there were plenty of spaces still available. Would have been a good idea to have the earpieces for commentary available, even if we had to purchase them. Great racing, very enjoyable weekend.

Stephen Gulliver

31 Aug. 2015


VIP experience

General comments were that none of the stewards recognised the parking badge and directions supplied for VIP parking were non existent. The location for viewing was not the best as you only saw the riders after the first corner so had to rely on the screens for the rest of a lap- would have been better to view nearer the last corner/start finish straight. Last year we were given the ear piece radios and these were missed this year. The rest of the experience was excellent.

Peter Corran

31 Aug. 2015


No race commentary or audio in VIP village

Of all the race weekends so far this season this is the one I know least about. There is the same TV picture I get at home but critically no audio in the VIP village, so, No rider interviews, updates or gossip, I will have to wait until Wednesday and buy Motorcycle news! Also the position of the village did not give a particularly good view. Would I go again? Certainly not to Silverstone!


01 Sep. 2014



great service in the vip tent but information was lacking. We did not know where to park, no one said that we had to book a paddock tour. We were not sure what to order or from where but that aside, facilities were first class

Mark Parish

18 Sep. 2013


VIP Village Hospitality Tickets

RE : Official Complaint Thank you for requesting feedback in relation to our experience at the British MotoGP at Silverstone. I have delayed my response such that my anger and frustration from our experience subsides. Where shall I begin? Saturday 31st August Firstly, I have attended many hospitality events like this including the F1 Grand Prix. I am accustomed what to expect and what not to expect. On this occasion, my partner had purchased tickets for my 40th birthday celebration. Usually, we would be entertaining clients as I own one of the largest Technical Recruitment companies in the UK. I have never been so disappointed with an event like this in my life. My partner and I are both bike enthusiasts and indeed I ride motorcycles - and so the racing was excellent, we have no issue with the racing, the hospitality however was NOT! The service received started well when I e-mailed the week before the event to confirm what the dress code would be for the event. I had an immediate response which was great that said it was smart casual – No trainers or ripped jeans. Ill come onto that later in my complaint. On arrival at the venue (to which we had to walk – there were no instructions as to how to get there or a shuttle bus) we had to queue to get in. As we queued, it was apparent that we were far too over dressed as there were people in biking leathers and even one man in beach shorts and flip flops. The general feel was that it was definitely casual and more so playful wear with many people wearing replica biking tops. My partner and I were dressed smart casual as instructed and would not have been out of place in a Michelin Star restaurant – which is the kind of environment we were expecting for £500 per ticket. On arrival at the front of the queue we were treated like cattle – scanned in, told that we couldn’t do a pit lane walk because it was full and then left to find the room where we would be sitting. There was no guidance or instruction from the staff at the desk and the staff who were there seemed more interested in chatting amongst themselves (in Spanish) rather than helping the guests have an enjoyable day. Our suite was the last one along and we embarrassed ourselves a couple of times by trying to enter other suites – how were we to know we did not have a table in there? When we finally did locate the suite we were dining in, we were greeted (well greeted is not exactly the word – more so grunted at) by two young girls who could hardly speak any English, our tickets were marked to “prove” that we belonged in the suite we were in and we were rushed to our table. On the table, there were no condiments which I find amazing for a supposedly VIP hospitality venue. Breakfast was dry and tasteless – in fact I don’t think I have ever tasted such a poor quality breakfast, for which we had to go and get ourselves. Again, at a VIP Venue, I would expect waiter service. Whilst eating breakfast, we would have liked to have a drink of champagne but there was a huge queue at the bar – again, amazingly, at a venue like this I find it astonishing that there was not waiter service available for drinks. There were waiters but all they seemed to be doing was removing crockery and attempting to look good. So we ate our breakfast before queuing to get a drink – again, I would not expect this at a VIP event. When I finally managed to get to the bar, I discovered the worst selection of drinks at a bar I have ever experienced, and instead of Champagne (I would have expected at least Moet Chandon), we were served with Freixenet which is a reasonable quality Cava you can buy from any UK supermarket for about £7.00. This is an absolute disgrace when we have paid the best part of £2000 for two tickets for the weekend. We attended on the Saturday and the Sunday and another thing I was absolutely gobsmacked with was that when we sat down on the Saturday, there was no race programme for us to view – we were told that they are only given out on Sunday – this is unbelievable. I have NEVER been to an event like this where we were not given a programme. Were the people attending on the Saturday only expected to purchase one themselves? And if so, where from – we did ask and nobody could help us. Apparently we needed to go out onto the main circuit and purchase one from one of the information desks. Having paid such an extortionate amount for a ticket, surely there is an obligation to ensure that your clients have the correct information for the day!! It doesn’t stop there… I have already mentioned that we were not allowed on the Paddock Tour or Pit Lane tour – because there was no availability. The attitude of the staff at this point was a disgrace. Quite simply “There is no availability” and then look away and keep chatting amongst themselves. We had paid £100’s for the tickets and were supposed to be attending a VIP Hospitality event – there was NOTHING VIP about this event. At this point, as you can imagine, we were rather upset and so we decided to go out and watch the practice session. The view from the venue was OK. There was a reasonable view of the bikes coming from copse corner and down through beckets – but that was it. In the limited instructions given by, it said that there would be “Panoramic Views” of the circuit and so we thought this must mean that the stand to the right of the venue would be available to VIP guests – wrong! There was no access to the stand, and on discussion with a number of other people, who were also disgusted by what they were experiencing at this point, they were told that if you wanted to view from the stand that you needed to purchase a ticket to get in there and walk around the VIP complex to get to it – this again is a DISGRACE! Very annoyed and disappointed, we decided to leave the VIP hospitality suite at about 12.00 midday and went back to our accommodation (which was on site at Silverstone) to get changed into something more comfortable and watch the motorcycles away from the VIP venue – the rest of the afternoon was very enjoyable. Sunday 1st September Having learned from the Saturday that we were not really attending a VIP function as we first thought, more a second rate shambles, we turned up to the VIP Village in biking wear and felt much more comfortable as we blended in with most of the other people who were there. We didn’t eat breakfast but did drink a couple of glasses of “cheap” CAVA and a couple of bottles of cheap Spanish beer. We asked one of the staff members which stadia we would be able to watch from as we had been talking to people on the Saturday who told us that they had been informed that the VIP ticket would allow us to watch from Copse A stand. Again, not able to get on a pit lane tour or paddock tour because there were no available spaces, we headed out onto the circuit to take our seat in the Copse A stand. When we got there we were told we were not allowed to sit there and must go to Copse B. When we were told at Copse B that we were not welcome there either but that we must go to Copse C, you can imagine my anger. I am surprised security was not called due to the commotion. Eventually, after heated discussions with the grounds staff, they let us in just in time to watch the start of the MotoGP race. We never went back to the VIP Village. Overall, the experience we had with the MotoGP Village was probably the worst experience I have ever had with a hospitality event, and I have attended hundreds. MotoGP is a million miles away from the experience people get at the F1 Grand Prix for example. • The service levels from staff was poor – 1/10 • The food was poor – 1/10 • The alcoholic drinks were poor – 1/10, and I still can’t believe that you would serve Freixenet Cava in a hospitality venue where people had spent £500 per ticket. • The view from the venue was OK – 5/10 but I am in disbelief that you did not allow access to the stand to the right of the VIP Village for VIP Guests – which would have given us the “Panoramic Views” of the circuit as stated in your promotional material. When we tried to get into the stand we were told we could watch from (Copse A) there had obviously been no communication to people over there to allow us to get in – 1/10 • No programme on the Saturday given to us 1/10 • No entertainment other than televisions in the venue – 1/10 • Unable to get onto a paddock tour or pit-lane tour – 1/10 Thankfully, the weather was good and the racing was fantastic which salvaged our weekend. The tickets my partner purchased were completely OVERSOLD and were worth perhaps 1/5th of the value paid. I am utterly disappointed at the experience especially as the tickets were bought as a birthday present and did not deliver on our expectations and my partner feels bad because she wanted the weekend to be so special. I can assure you that we will never be booking VIP tickets via again and will go out of our way to tell everyone we come into contact with what a sham the whole weekend was. I look forward to receiving a response to my letter (e-mail) and in the mean time, I shall be speaking to my legal team with regards to where we stand with respect to compensation for some or the entire price paid because the tickets were enormously oversold. I believe that it would be a fair representation of the service and product we received if we were reimbursed 75% of the ticket value. I would hope that you will be able to learn a great deal from the feedback and if I could offer some polite advice, I would ensure that someone form attends a VIP Hospitality venue at the F1 Grand Prix to see how things should operate, especially when paying £500 per person per day. Yours faithfully Mark Parish

Image Build

01 Sep. 2013


didnt get value for money

racing great!!.. tickets over priced and poor hospitality service on-site


18 Juni 2012


Fantastic weekend !!

We had an amazing weekend. The hospitality we received was five star led by a team of highly trained professionals. Moto GP Village tickets are very expensive, but worth every penny.

e billingsley

13 Juni 2011



it was a great food was good and drink the staff was good shame there was only one pit lane pass terrible to get out of car park 3hrs

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