Valencia MotoGP 2021

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Valencia MotoGP 2021Yellow

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A top choice among speed lovers and technical enthusiasts alike, fans in the Yellow Grandstand can experience the riders roaring down one of the fastest straights of the track after Turn 1, before braking hard into the tight ‘Doohan’ Turn (Turn 2).


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Steven Corcoran

20 Nov 2019


Fantastic weekend, yet again!

Another brilliant end of season weekend. Great racing, no rain this year. Travel was a lot better, Spanish railways had the trains way better organised this year. Also, we were issued wrist bands at the circuit this year, but weren't told to keep them on for the 3 days. So at the end of the 1st day we cut them off, then couldn't get in the next day, had difficulty getting them replaced. Loads of people were the same, we were never told you had to keep them on for the 3 days! Something to remember for next year! Apart from that, great racing, Valencia is a great city, see you next year!

Pavlos Katrakis

19 Nov 2019


It was such an experience!

It was my first time in a Moto Gp race and at Valencia. The feeling was awesome, seeing so many people, bikes, cars but the most of all, the race. The race was fantastic and it was going so fast, lap by lap. We had seats with good view at the Tribuna Amarilla (yellow). Also, the weather was good, without raining. We saw other categories like Moto 2 and Moto 3. If you have the opportunity, I highly suggest you to go and see the race.

Rossi fan

19 Nov 2019


Great weekend but freezing on sunday

Always a great race to end the year on, traffic can be a problem but arrive early helps, some of the road closures are confusing, Circuite is always a good one and depending on your ticket excellent viewing, toilet facilities good in parts, see you next year


19 Nov 2019


An amazing track

We were in the yellow stand and had an amazing view of most of the track. Arrived before sunrise to avoid the traffic and so glad we did as we parked up and walked straight in, got a coffee and a bacon butty and watched the sunrise 😋. Met some lovely people, staff were all very friendly & efficient! Toilets were kept clean and topped up! And everything was so convenient where we were! Great racing and some sunshine so perfect day for me! It was quite cold though with the wind chill, It did cause problems with cold tyres for some of the riders(And spectators)🙄. So maybe better to race here earlier in the warmer months?? Just a thought!

Suzy C

18 Nov 2019


Great End of Season Race Weekend at Valencia

This years we decided to drive into the race circuit at Valencia. On previous occasions we’ve caught the train from central Valencia. We drove in early and easily parked. Everything is extremely well organised, there’s no doubt about where you have to go once you exit the main road to the circuit. The weekend was good. Not much queuing for anything, teams of cleaners cleaning anywhere that needed it, toilets spotless. Couldn’t fault anything really except the circuit is quite exposed and the local terrain is Sandy so all seats are covered in a cement like dust, certainly felt dusty after spending the day there. Exiting the circuit after race day was efficiently executed clearing the area fairly quickly. Lots of serious police and security so no trouble anywhere, not that I’ve ever seen trouble at a Moto GP Event. All in all great weekend if not a tad chilly .

SJ motors

18 Nov 2019


Yamaha M1

As a massive fan of the sport Racing it’s self was fantastic.. massive problem the food was absolutely shit and coffee which I was very disappointed with.. all it would take is a small rearranging of good coffee and something decent u eat

Antonia Esmonde

18 Nov 2019


Brilliant weekend from start to finish

Great race track and we sat in the yellow section and had perfect view. The venue is easy to get to by train from Valencia centre and it’s a well organised event. Expect long queues for train coming home though but didn’t wait more than half an hour to get on a train. Will definitely be returning to this race in the future


28 Nov 2018


Valencia GP 2018, excellent transfers to and from the circuit

very wet weekend but good facilities and directions to and from the circuit, would have been nice to have a plastic wallet for the tickets

Maurice Stobbs

27 Nov 2018


Wet wet wet wet wet wetter

The whole three days of the Moto GP were a disaster as far as the weather goes ( but hey who can control the rain ). Arrived at Ricardo Tormo station early Friday morning, started walk to the track only to find low part of the road flooded, 6 to 8 inches deep, so shoes and socks off to paddle through. After practice the return towards Ricardo Tormo station the road was now cordoned off due the now raging torrent across the road. We managed to take a replacement bus, 35 minutes journey just to take us to the station that was about 400M away, ( it passed both the next station down and up the line where it could have stopped). Saturday, the 07.48 train did not run, took next train 08.38 from Valencia Nord, this time to Cheste ( they would not let any one off at Ricardo Tormo ). It was chaos when we arrived at Cheste, no organisation at all for boarding coaches to the track, we were about to walk to the track when a luckily a coach stopped alongside us and we were able to get on. Saturday final practice and qualifying took place on a damp track. The arrangements for the return to Cheste was very much better organised and quicker. Sunday all the transport arrangements were now very good, orderly queues at Cheste for coach to the track, and the same for the return. The Moto 3 and 2 races were run on damp / wet track but by the time Moto GP was due it was very heavy rain and despite waterproofs and umbrellas we were soaked. We left when the Moto GP race was stopped due to the unsafe conditions as so many riders had fallen off. So really the rain totally spoilt the weekend. Tips for train to the track, you can purchase 10 journey tickets, <20Euro, as we did on Thursday at Valencia Nord from machines in the far left alcove just past the café near to the platform, note you can pass your ticket between your group, so two tickets were okay for 3 of us, 18 journeys. Be patient when queuing for trains at Valencia Nord, it's mostly good natured, just be prepared to stick out your elbows like Marquez for queue jumpers. Will we go next year? perhaps, or might try a summer race.


26 Nov 2018


Valencia Moto GP, fantastic!

Nice weekend, tickets received in time, complete information, very nice seats.

Sibylle from Switzerland

25 Nov 2018


Trotz Regen super Rennen

Super Organisation bei der Anreise mit dem Motorrad! Leider hat dies erst beim zweiten Versuch geklappt, da nicht alle Einweiser über den Weg der Motorradfahrer bescheid wussten. Infrastruktur ist, was die Tribühnen betrifft sehr alt! Aber funktionell. Rennen ist super vor Ort sind alle Helfer sehr nett!


24 Nov 2018


Great racing, Poor public transport.

Great day of racing, Extremely wet, , BUT leaving the Circuit was a disaster ,,, NO information as to which queue to get the bus back to Cheste train station, The staff left to go home. leaving us in the bus park in the dark. We had to share a Taxi back to Valencia, A bad ending to a great days racing. Will be back in 2019..

Martin Timbrell

23 Nov 2018


Loud,fast,& excellent experience

Brilliant service with bookmoto for the 2018 valencia moto gp.we took the train from valencia to the track on Saturday & it was very poor service.The train was over an hour late & no information from train station staff.So we got a taxi on Sunday for the race,quite expensive,but we were at the track within 30 mins.The track was excellent & facilities good,just a shame it rained on Sunday.Overall experience was very good though

Steven Lynskey

21 Nov 2018



The view from the grandstand seats was brilliant from the yellow Grandstand was well worth the cost,but the public transport with the buses and trains leaving the circuit on the Sunday was a joke.The trains on the Sunday were not stopping at the circuit station so we had to queue for over an hour to get a bus to the train station at Cheste from the circuit .Then the first 2 trains were Cancelled so there was a huge backlog of people waiting for a train.We finally got on a train at 7 15 PM !!!!.So the journey back to Valencia took over 4 hours.So I would advise anybody to hire. Motorbike or car or book accomadation near the circuit.We will not be attending this race again as this spoils it for us and I would say that this was the longest it has ever taken us to leave any race circuit.

Iain Graham

20 Nov 2018


Great circuit, public transport a nightmare.

First visit to the Valencian MotoGP. Lovely old part of the city with many cafes, restaurants and bars with tapas. Friday morning we bought train tickets and recced where to go and when, etc. Saturday morning we were 30 mins. early for the train and, after waiting for about an hour, still no platform for train and about 300 fans waiting for some info. that never arrived. We took a taxi. Got the train back to the city from the circuit but it took over an hour and two trains before we could get on one and it was standing all the way for c. 40 mins. There were loads of buses going to Cheste, however that was the opposite direction from the city. Sunday taxi in again and waited to leave, by taxi, for over an hour in pouring rain with a river running under our feet as the organisation was non-existent and there were about 100 white taxis waiting for business. Having attended many European MotoGPs this is the first one that I had to rely on public transport and it'll probably be my last. Anybody would think that this was the first year they'd had a MotoGP race at the circuit.

Nicki Peacock

19 Nov 2018


Train fiasco

Bookmoto service great. No complaints. Public transport on race day a fiasco. Guardian civil had closed road to nearest circuit station (we’d used it successfully on Saturday) Queued for 2hours to get bus to Cheste station, than waited over an hour for train to Valencia with many people locked outside station until 5 minutes before train due in, then pandamonium ensued. Children and old people wrenched from family members as the masses pushed to get on train. Chaos and frightening!! Traumatised by whole event. Do not use public transport if attending this event!!!


19 Nov 2018


Only place to book MotogGP tickets!!!

The whole booking process was simple and easy. The tickets were emailed to me shortly before the race. The seats were amazing and I had a brilliant weekend!!! I will definitely be back next year to book again!!!

Julie Binks

19 Nov 2018


Not enough facilities/bins

The races were brilliant we still enjoyed the weekend despite the weather....could have had more rubbish disposal areas very difficult sometimes to find a bin people were just leaving rubbish in a pile, long row of big green bins outside circuit! Should be spread about. Campsite facilities .... Toilets were disgusting should have been cleaned more often always blocked with paper could do with instructions inside door as don't think some people realised to use pump on floor. Showers should have been placed at each end 6 showers for a site that size was no good at all....refreshment tent was OK on site staff very efficient.

Kim Wisting

21 Nov 2017



Excellent service from Bookmoto! Easy access to the track by car and free parking! Very good and many toilet facilities so no or small queues! Fantastic wiew and good seating from tribune yellow. We could almost see all the track, the rest from tv screens! I would recommend to bring a small binoculars! Last and not least: Motogp live :) :) :) :) :) :) :)...................


19 Nov 2017


Excellent Weekend

Experience of booking through you was very good, any queries I had were dealt with very quickly would definitely book with you again. We thorough enjoyed our time in Valencia and attending the MotoGP, only criticism would be getting to and from the track from Valencia by train which due to the number of people was very slow, nothing to do with you I appreciate but something that people need to be aware of.

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