de Austria Gran Premio de Fórmula 1 2022

08 10 jul.provisional
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Zonas de aparcamiento

If you are driving to the circuit, the following routes are advised, based on your departure point;

  • Vienna / East Austria - S6 u2013St. Michael junction
  • Graz / South Styria - A9 u2013 Gleinalmtunnel u2013 St. Michael junction u2013 S36
  • Salzburg - A10 u2013 B96 u2013 St. Michael im Lungau u2013 Tamsweg u2013 Murau u2013 Judenburg
  • Upper Austria - A9 u2013 St. Michael junction u2013 S36
  • Carinthia - B317 u2013 Neumarkter Sattel u2013 Judenburg u2013 S36 or B78 u2013 Weiu00DFkirchen in der Steiermark (then follow signage)
  • Schladming / Selzthal -B320 u2013 Liezen u2013 B113 u2013 Trieben (not the A9) u2013 B114 u2013 Triebener Tauern u2013 Pu00F6ls u2013 via Fohnsdorf

Should the traffic conditions make it impossible for you to take the above mentioned exits, please follow the signage on the approach to the circuit.

Parking is not available directly at the circuit however, there will be parking facilities next to the S36, around a 10-15 minutes walk from the circuit. This parking will be free of charge.


Free shuttle buses are expected to run between the circuit and Knittelfeld train station and another service will operate between Judenburg bus station.

  • Bus station Judenburg (Postgasse)- Red Bull Ring (Friday to Sunday)
  • 08:00 - 20:00 every 30 minutes

  • Train station Knittelfeld - Red Bull Ring (Friday to Sunday)
  • 08:00 - 20:00 every 20 minutes

There will also be a night service on Saturday with busses serving Judenberg every 60 minutes and Knittelfeld every 30 minutes. These services will run until midnight, allowing you to visit the local towns following the on-track action.

National bus service EVENTBUS operates a variety of routes from all over Austria, including stops at Salzburg and Vienna. Visit the EVENTBUS website for more information.


The most convenient train station to the Red Bull Ring is Knittelfeld. Most major cities in Austria offer services running to Knittelfeld. The Leisure ticket Styria ("Freizeit-Ticket") is a 1-day ticket for the entire province of Styria and is valid either on a Saturday or on a Sunday. It costs EUR 11 per day and can be booked 1 month prior to the event. Please note, it is only valid in regional trains.

More information about the frequency and prices of these trains can be found on the OEBB website. From the train station you can transfer onto shuttle buses to take you directly to the track.

If travelling from Graz, the journey to Knittelfeld takes around 1 hour 30 minutes with some services requiring a change at Bruck an der Mur. Trains run approximately once an hour.


Helicopter transfers are available from Graz or Vienna. Prices are expected within the next months. Please contact us if you wish to be notified.

Otros servicios

To enjoy the stunning nature over the last few kilometres to the racing circuit, we recommend taking advantage of the Park & Bike options. There are two Park & Bike car parks available close to the Red Bull Ring for those who choose to swap the steering wheel for the saddle:

  • Grosslobming (7.3 km away, close to Schlossweg 19, 8734 Grosslobming)
  • Weisskirchen (9.7 km away, on the B77, Judenburgerstrasse 32, 8741 Weisskirchen.)

To use these services, you will need to take your own bikes, which can be parked for free right at the entrance of the circuit. Please be aware that all bikes are left at the owners risk.


Si te gustaría obtener más información acerca de los aeropuertos más cercanos, échale un vistazo a nuestro apartado sobre «Destino y Turismo».

Ubicación en el mapa

Fecha provisional

La fecha de este evento está basada en el calendario provisional para la temporada de 2021. En general, las fechas no suelen cambiar, pero no podremos confirmar la fecha del evento hasta que el calendario se confirme, que esperamos que sea a finales de año. Si la fecha cambia, las entradas que hayas comprado para asistir al Gran Premio seguirán siendo válidas. Ahora bien, a ser posible, sería recomendable no reservar ningún tipo de alojamiento o viaje que no pueda cambiarse/cancelarse con facilidad hasta que se confirme el calendario de F1 2020.

Red Bull Ring

Horario del evento