de Bélgica Gran Premio de Fórmula 1 2021

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Silver: 1 Francorchamps

de Bélgica F1 2021Silver: 1 Francorchamps

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Silver 1 is located on a short straight with views of the La Source hairpin exit to the right and the famous L'Eau Rouge to the left. Also overlooks part of the GP2 pit garages.


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02 sep. 2019

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Tokens - what’s that all about?

I really was underwhelmed by the fact that the purchase of food and drink had to be done by the purchase of tokens to the tune of €35 for 10 tokens Burger & fries = 6 tokens = €21 a bit OTT to say the least. To rub salt in to the wound when you cashed your surplus tokens in they gave you €3 back 😡😡😡


02 sep. 2019

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

A great experience

Very well organized. Showers with warm water (most of the time) were available in the yellow camping, there was a restaurant right at the camping site with meals and beverages. The FC-Ster yellow camping was a bit difficult to find though. The venue itself was well thought, it was easy to get around. The prices for food and beverages was higher at the venue, but acceptable. Cheaper beer could be found in the little stores in the village. The race was amazing.


02 sep. 2019

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??


Great set up and venue organisation. Lots to do. Food and drink v expensive so bring your own, but glass not allowed


02 sep. 2019

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Amazing race track!

The track and grandstands - or at least the one we were in, was a totally different experience due to the age of spa. It’s excellent. The track is amazing and the hill and turns on Eau Rouge were a sight to see. Sad due to the devastating loss of The young up and coming driver this weekend. Food is paid with tokens - this was the only negative I found with the ground. Fanzone was great with a 007 exhibition.


07 sep. 2018

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Overall a good experience!

Going to the GP in Spa was the first time I went to a F1 race weekend. Let's start from the beginning: Prior to setting off to Spa everything went smoothly, we received all tickets via a courier, no problems at all. Then, arriving in Spa, trying to find our campsite (Young Village) was a bit of a challenge. It would definitely be helpful if there were more signs or people who tell you were to go, as it is quite a rural area, and you might drive for a couple of miles with no signs. Also, it would have been great to know that you camp next to your car, which surely is an advantage over having to walk however long from a car park to your camp site. However, as we didn't know we'd be able to park right next to our car we didn't really bring a lot of food and drinks as we were dreading having to carry lots of stuff on top of our tent, chairs and bags. Therefore we bought a lot of food on site and it is extremely expensive (3.50€ for a can of soft drink or a bottle of water, 7€ for fries, 14€ for just a burger) so I would recommend to bring lots of food and drinks. Before the trip I was mainly concerned about not being able to sleep staying at the Young Village due to noise, but it was okay. Definitely bring ear plugs and don't expect absolute silence. Also, the weather can change within minutes, so make sure you bring rain ponchos as well as sun cream, you'll likely need both. Especially at night it got quite cold when it was raining, so make sure you have enough clothes to layer up :) Also, if you stay at the Young Village I would visit the campsite next to it, not sure which one that is, maybe Green, it is literally across the road. We went there one evening and it was mind-blowing to see what people would bring with them, it was like its own mini-festival with small stages and food-trucks, pretty cool to see. The "temporary bathroom facilities" are pretty much what you can expect from festival bathroom facilities. There are toilets at the far end from the entrance, which are cleaner and toilet paper gets refilled regularly, etc. I think staying at the Young Village is particularly advantageous if you have a general admission ticket, as you can walk to the track within 5-10 minutes. We didn't realise that our seats (Silver 1) were pretty much at the other side of the track. Therefore, we had to walk quite a bit to get to our seats, but to be honest it wasn't that bad, takes maybe 40 mins "one way" and you get to see, for example, all the trucks lined up and on Sunday we happened to walk by as the safety cars were loaded onto the trucks. The biggest disappointment were probably our seats within the Silver 1 Grandstand. The view was good and it was cool to see everything so close up, but it was very uncomfortable. I just expected that for paying over £500 for two tickets there would be back rests on the chair. I'd say it's fine if you'd go there for the race on Sunday, but if you sit there for around 6 hours for three days it gets really uncomfortable. Next time I would probably get a general admission ticket and get up very early to position my camping chair at a good place. Not too sure how the traffic was after the race, but cars seemed to be stuck for a while trying to leave the campsite. I think it's great you can stay until Monday morning, which is potentially the better choice considering the traffic on Sunday after the race. Also, as you arrive at the camp site they ask for a 20€ deposit which will be returned after they check the spot where you camped, which I think is fair, and if you take all of your trash with you it will be no problem getting that deposit back.

Graham Beevers

01 sep. 2018

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Moronic Build Up; Disappointing Race

Spa has Presence and History. The idiotic announcer who screamed on and on during the 10 minutes immediately before the race had absolutely none... a total moron. For pity's sake, please stop that nonsense. Race a bit of a disappointment - as a race.


03 sep. 2017

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Fabulous weekend of exciting racing

An excellent weekend of racing which stayed dry throughout. Much busier than my previous visit a couple of years ago, largely due to the relatively local Dutch support for Max. Brilliant atmosphere and good racing across all the formulas. The fanzone has certainly expanded with lots of keep you entertained between races. Food prices were astronomical as expected, but like most people we'd taken supplies with us. Due to the popularity the race we ended up parking quite some distance from the circuit despite having paid for yellow 4-5-6, this was a bit of a problem for my elderly father but he took it in his stride and rested on some of the hills.

Mr Philcox

01 sep. 2017

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Fantastic Weekend

We had a great weekend, we arrived on Wednesday afternoon and was very happy with our campsite. The pit walk was busy on the Thursday afternoon, but so happy to get to do it and we also got to see Lewis Hamilton which made our day. Our seats were in a great place and all three days were fantastic and we enjoyed every minute of it, a really great weekend.

Jon Shipp

30 ago. 2017

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Great seats, poor parking.

Tickets and race weekend was great, but poor parking marred overall experience. Parking was more expensive and further away than other car parks. Stuck in one field after downpour and no officials to give assistance. Even the yellow car parks we booked were only 10euros, but you charged 16 for each day. Ended up paying for different parking for last two days as closer and no chance if getting stuck.


01 sep. 2016

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Great experience - would do it again

We drove from the UK and we stayed in an apartment about a 20min drive away so we drove to the circuit everyday but parking was about 1 mile away so it was a good 25 min walk either way. We didn't mind as the atmosphere was great, loads of people doing the same. Take your trainers! I was going to wear sandals but luckily I read the reviews on here first and they all advise to wear trainers as there is a lot of walking to the circuit as well as once you are inside. We had tickets for all 3 days so we did the pit walk too. Unfortunately not all the drivers came out or came to the end of the line so we didn't see many so get there early if you want to see the drivers. Friday and Saturday were GP 2 and 3 and practise sessions and races. It was good to go for a bit, get our bearings and prepared for the Sunday with what we wanted to take - food and drink. The cars are noisy but you get used to it after a bit. We were sitting just by the village but it gets busy there. You have to buy tokens to buy food which is quicker than paying all the time and they can be used across all 3 days but you have to use cash for drinks. They don't serve ice with drinks so if you take your own drinks, freeze them first so they stay cool for longer or get a cooler. You can take your own food and drinks as long there are no glass bottles. Advice about toilets - I stopped off at the pub on the way in but you have to pay to pee! Apparently it's normal in Belgium. I preferred to pay the 70cents to use the loos rather than use the porter loos! Doesn't matter where you go in the world, they're all the same! As a summary: I had a great weekend. Being someone who doesn't follow the Grand Prix much and only watches first couple and last few laps I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen and track for the whole race. We're planning our next one next year! Travel - add an hour onto the time you want to get there just to account for traffic getting into the area, walking from the car park and getting inside the circuit. Parking - find about parking in advance. We got parking on the day, it was €10 per day but if you buy in advance, you might get parking cheaper and closer to the venue. Carry some change - you will need it for the loos Don't forget your trainers/walking shoes.


01 sep. 2016

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Your 2016

The only problem is the parking. The police block the roads off so you have a long walk especially on race day. Also, you had to buy tickets in order to pay for food. The ticket prices were outrageous. 20euro for six tickets. They wanted three tickets just to buy two ice lollies. That equates to 10euro for two lollies no bigger than an ice pop. Fries were 2.5 tickets and burgers were three tickets. Down right daylight robbery. We've decided not to go back to Spa again.

Steve R

31 ago. 2016

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Good weekend, shame about the car parks

Car Park 4,5,6. took over 2.45 hours to get out of on Sunday after the race. Would suggest, that a better way in to track from these car parks, very trying walking back after a long hot days in the circuit. Would now always book Car park 1 or 2 More gates open to stands took 20 minuets to get in to Silver 1 on Saturday for quilflying, as only one gate open. Could not get round the top of track to see the other side.

Ben Hailey

15 sep. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Great Weekend

It was a great weekend just let down by the parking.


01 sep. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Belgium F1 2015 experience

We had a 3 day ticket and were fortunate enough to go to the pit walk on the Thursday. This was very crowded and pooly organised as the only way out of the pit lane was the way you came in causing much pushing and shoving and would have been a Health and Safety risk in the event of an incident. Walking along the starting grid was more pleasent and watching Sauber practicing tyre changes was a great experience. We stayed in Leige and found travel to and from the track very easy. Trains to Verviers were frequent as was the bus from Verviers to Francorchamps, although you need to make sure you confirm pick up points and times with the bus driver. The practice and race days were fantastic but there arn't many food outlets and queues are long so we advise you to do what we did and take your own. Some hotels arrange transport but do not advertise it well so it is good to check with them, we were lucky enough to book this for the race day and it was well worth it.


25 ago. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Belgian GP Spa Franchorchamps 2015

Loved it, great atmosphere among fans from all over Europe. Circuit set in outstandingly beautiful setting. Silver 1 stand gives great view of La Source exit, pit lane exit and Eau Rouge. Eau Rouge is awesome stand at the bottom and look up, amazing. Available food cheaper than Silverstone but not nearly as much variation, good if you like continental sausages or chips and mayo, beer absolutely superb and very cold. If camping beware of toilets, so bad, use toilets in stand much better.


24 ago. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

First Time

This was our first time at F1 and I was very disappointed. The facilities and track were good, however the marshals on the ground around the car parks and roadways were useless. We paid for Car parking 4-5-6 on two days and ended up in 7-8 both days 1 mile from the track. We looked around all the 4-5-6 car parks to find in excess of 30 spaces saved for someone?? Upon exit, cars were forcing people off the tracks as both were marshaled along the roads without segregation. Then when in the track, people leave their seats, sit on the escape staircases get in peoples way and line of sight, and the marshals do nothing. Overall poor experience.


24 ago. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Could be better

This booking site is very professional and efficient. I've always been very pleased with their overall service. However, the parking situation needs to be improved greatly. If you was a mountain goat you'd be ok, walking over hill and dale following having to park in a field miles from the circuit is a bit much.

Laura King

24 ago. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Excellent weekend

I had tickets for the full weekend, I treated my Dad for Christmas. We had an excellent time. We could see round the first corner up to Eau Rouge. We were blessed with the weather however the heat was intense and we were not under a covered stand. In our stand we had a perfect view of the track however on the opening laps spectators would stand making nearly impossible to see over them. We fortunately had a giant screen directly in front of us. The commentary is in French for GP2, GP3 & Porche. There is some English commentary during the F1 race. There is limited food outlets so I would recommend bringing a packed lunch. There are also limited toliet facilities so be prepared! You can pay 70 cent in some cleaner toliets. The track is not suitable for high heels. I would strongly recommend flat trainers!

Jules bones

24 ago. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

A great track and love coming

Have been coming a good few years now, feel this is one of the best tracks and races of the season. From road trip to parking and actual event. All excellent thank you Will book again


26 sep. 2014

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Aussies in Spa

I was on a family holiday in Europe and as Spa was on it would of been criminal not to go, took along my 14 year old Daughter as she loves the racing too. Could not have chosen a better time to go as the dominant Mercs had a clash and Dan Ricciardo was there to pounce. Sat in Silver 1, absolutely awesome spot, watching the cars come around La Source and dice going down to Eau Rouge was priceless. Stormed the track afterwards to watch Ricciardo on the podium, and listen to the Hamilton fans give it to Rosberg. Track facilities were fine, toilets at Silver stands were adequate. Drinks and food wasn't to expensive. After the race finding where the Busses were parked and getting information from anyone was another story. My daughter and i know a little bit of french and after asking about a thousand people and walking about 10km finally found the bus park only to watch them all leave and blow up at me for trying to ask where they were going. Ended up finding a bus back to Verviers and Train from there. All in All a day i will never forget.


Entradas para niños

Children aged 5 and under are granted free entry but must sit on their parent's lap in a grandstand unless a separate child ticket is purchased. Children aged 6 and above will require an entry ticket, for both General Admission and Grandstand tickets. Identification may be required for children on the day. Discounted child tickets are valid for persons aged 15 and under.

Entradas para personas con movilidad reducida

A disabled podium for wheelchair users is available next to the Gold 7 grandstand. A disabled spectator and one carer can use the podium - each person will require a separate ticket. Please select the Wheelchair Podium ticket(s) from the ticket list. A disability card may be required both at the time of booking and on arrival at the circuit.

Información adicional

Pit Walk

A free afternoon pit walk and drivers' autograph session is expected to be held on the Thursday for all 3-day ticket holders (subject to confirmation). You will not need to pre-book to take part in the Pit Walk.

General Admission

Spa-Francorchamps circuit is a very popular circuit for General Admission. If you are purchasing a Bronze: General Admission ticket, you are welcome to take fold-down chairs and blankets with you, but please be advised that the terrain of this area can be quite rough and hilly in places. Due to the size of this circuit, there may also be long walks to the General Admission areas, depending on the entrance that you use.

Please note: All tickets except hospitality passes will be issued as e-tickets. Tickets will be issued 2 - 4 weeks before the race.


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