de Hungría Gran Premio de Fórmula 1 2021

30 jul. 01 ago.
Silver 4

de Hungría F1 2021Silver 4

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What can I see?

Located behind the Red Bull Grandstand, Silver 4 provides a view of the last corner down in to the start/finish straight.

What do I get with my ticket?

You will have a reserved seat in the Silver 4 Grandstand. All 3-Day ticket holders will have access to the Thursday Pit Lane Walk, subject to confirmation.


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Kristie and Harry from England

05 ago. 2019

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Amazing first F1

This was our first F1 experience and we chose the Hungarian race as we love Budapest and the tickets were much cheaper than Silverstone for instance. We received plenty of information on the lead up to the event from Book F1 to ensure that we knew what was happening and our tickets came in plenty of time. The only qualms that we had were with the public transport for the event. Although there were two locations to catch the free bus from, the one closest to the city centre was every half an hour and people were waiting around two hours for these buses. We ended up catching the one closest to the Hungaroring (Kerepes), which you catch the number 8 tram to (which costs around £1). Exiting the Hungaroring was awful as well as everyone wanting the bus queued in one queue, even though only around 10% of people were going to Kerepes so we ended up waiting much longer than we needed to. These two buses need different gates to exit via in future. All in all a fantastic experience! And much cheaper than the English F1 (even with flights and a hotel)!

Allan T

03 ago. 2018

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Great Seats and hot, hot hot!

This was our first visit to the Hungaroring. Our seats in Silver 4 were superb with great views of the final few bends onto the start/finish line as well as the entrance to the pit lane. We did get soaked with the torrential rain but it made for an exciting qualifying so was worth it. We found transport to and from the circuit quite challenging due, firstly, to a late change in the venue for the free buses. The service is fine but the 30/40 minute walk to the track, some uphill, is not for the faint hearted particularly in the sweltering heat. We got a taxi back but the queue was horrendous and although there we plenty of taxis it is clearly inadequate for the volume of spectators. All in all, though, a great weekend.


01 ago. 2017

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

This city worths the trip

We are spanish, flew from Bilbao to Munich and then to Budapest. 4 hours total. It takes about 30mins to get to the city center. Hosting offer is great but consider the Kempinski as a prime option. Concierge had our tickets as demanded to BookF1. Everything under control. No surprises. We found it great, close to public transport in the city. Sightseeing buses stop 100m from main entrance. Very good option. Ritz-Carlton is just next to Kempisnki so that would be also great. The way to the circuit takes abot 20 mins on friday and saturday but about 75 mins on sunday. Grandstands are a bit old but circuit view is good from gold and silver. This year we sat at silver 4 and were able to see the stadium and of course last corner wich is great to see. Other years we stayed at gold grandstands and we could see the way to 4th corner. Circuit surroundings need some work but we heard hungarian government has already aproved a budjet for that. Thank you BookF1 for the attention and good work on ticket delivery.


01 ago. 2017

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Fabulous Hungarian GP

This was an incredible experience. Well organised with a fantastic atmosphere. The weather was very hot. Very little shade so be prepared. There is a huge hill to climb from the shuttle to the entrance gate. Take some water! The view of the track from our seats (Silver 4) could not be better. There was direct sight of half the circuit, with two giant screens in front of us as well. The grandstand seats are very cheap, so it is essential to have the extra access for race day. As a Ferrari fan I could not be happier with a 1-2 finish.

Catherine Harvey

01 ago. 2017

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Fantastic Weekend

OK, so it wasn't the result we wanted being a Hamilton fan. But what a great weekend, getting there, what a doddle, we were lucky to be staying very close to a metro line, hopped on the blue line, 5 stops and the free bus stop was there. Queue's were fine, didn't wait longer than 10 minutes either day in either direction. The long walk up the hill that I had read about, was a 20 minute walk and was no problem. The entertainment at the venue before qualifying was amazing. The DJ was fantastic. This is my 4th GP and by far the best. We sat in Silver 4, great view with 2 screens. Criticism - the lack of toilets and queues for them were terrible. Get that sorted and you're onto a winner. Great time had by all.

Nat Morris

31 jul. 2017

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Fun, energetic, exciting GP

Epic weekend - travel to the GP is easy (train), getting home was even better (free bus), Budapest is a lovely city, the people are really friendly and the food is good. Food options at the GP are EXPENSIVE though - so I would suggest taking food with you each day. Grandstands are amazing no matter where you are sitting. The number of toilets could be increased as the lines were insane on Sunday. Be best to have the F1 app on hand as well for the race, as the graphics on the big screens were terrible (ie, "Lap 104/70") and no one had any idea if they were on the last lap or who was in what order. Also, you could not hear the commentary at all.


31 jul. 2017

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Hungaroring 2017

We selected Silver 4 for the weekend, with VIP parking,as we had a car,but because of disability,couldn't walk from the normal car parks. Overall? Absolutely brilliant. The separate route to and from the track was excellent, activities were great,good at the track a but expensive,but that was to be expected. Only a couple of downsides. The Thursday night pit lane walk about was great,but turned into a total scrum by the end - could have done with a bit more control. Likewise leaving the track after wards was deadly slow to get out - 90 minutes to get about a mile,but to be expected I suppose considering the number of cars and the narrow roads - just didn't seem well ordered at the time. Otherwise excellent. Each stand had its advantages and disadvantages - you won't lose whichever you pick

Kevin B

28 jul. 2016

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Good circuit but long journey in

I really enjoyed my trip to the Hungaroring and would definitely recommend it, but it isn't the easiest to get to. The free shuttle bus service was excellent, I never had to wait for one, but there is a good 20 min walk uphill to the circuit in 30 degree heat, plus whatever it takes to get to your grandstand. The 'official' taxi companies were slightly dodgy in my opinion - on the one day I used them I got charged more than double for the trip back, which is supposed to be capped to 35 euros, but as I was paying in forints I just got charged the meter. Based on the exchange rate I think this was in excess of 40 euros!

Philip Ingram

04 ago. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Excellent Race wish though now we had booked better seats at the end of the start straight

As above, Budapest Fantastic, we got a taxi each day to the circuit but got it wrong on the last day coming back and had to get the bus back to the city and we were on the wrong side of town and still had to get a taxi! Regardless seriously considering going again next year.

Claire Bull

04 ago. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Great venue. Poor access and egress

The venue was great. Fab view from Silver 4 and food and facilities were good also. The free bus was ok and frequent but the walk up the steep hill to the track was awful especially in the heat on the Saturday. We decided to get a taxi on Sunday to make it easier however the exit from the car park where he picked us up took nearly 2 hours to get out as everybody was heading for 1 single track road with no marshals or organisation.


04 ago. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Great circuit but facilities and access the worst

Obviously not learned much in 30 years. The only real way to get to the circuit is by taxi. The walk from bus/train is ridiculous. must have some deal with the cabs. No reason why buses couldn't stop at the gate except money must be changing hands somewhere. Amenities are the worst. Don't eat the protein food that has been sitting out in the sun for hours or the raw equivalent that is sitting out in the sun for hours. \no system - same queue for drinks and food. \no toilets or at least nowhere near enough. No where to sit between races. \no shade, really no nothing for the fans. But a super circuit and soooooooooo worth going. Our view was great, but again only main stand has cover. Good grief - you know it is likely to be hot so how about some shade sails. \obviously couldn't care less because everyone still goes. How about the f1 bosses make the circuits consider the patrons for a change - not likely I guess.

travelers from Leeds

01 ago. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Fantastic Weekend in Budapest

This is our second time to the F1 in Budapest... We used the official taxis this year and they were very efficient and charged us a fair price on all the days we used them.Although we did queue for nearly an hour after the race on Sunday. Food and drink is very reasonable inside and the toilet facilities were very clean and had staff replenishing the towels and loo roll. Our view from our seats in silver 4 is one of the best as you can see the cars come down the slope and into the straight,also you can see the pit lane ,pits and the start and finish. There are two TVs opposite ,which are great. I would highly recommend the Budapest F1 its great fun and very exciting.


30 jul. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Epic race weekend

What a cracking GP, Budapest is amazing, we need a few more days of sightseeing would have been awesome. Great seats in Silver 4 couldn't have asked for a better seat, only downside was Friday roving, which was advertised on Book F1 but at the track you weren't allowed, this needs sorting out.

Steve C

30 jul. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

great View ro Silver 4

Although information we received said it was a 40 min walk from railway station was pleasing to have a free bus service each day although still a bit of a walk, over powering stewards were a bit much would not allow any roving on Friday even saw one make a fan move from the shade under a tree because he wanted to stand there, took the VIP road taxi back after the race well worth 35 Euro, Silver 4 had a great view of final turn and because it was higher up than Club could see most of main straight as well as turn 11, 12 & 13 as well as finish line plenty of FREE parking (are you taking note Silverstone) if I go again I would Hire a car (only 1 road in and out) would like to try Gold seat at turn 1 close o main gate (oh one other thing the race has a reputation for being baking hot while the area has torrential rain yet there is only one stand with a roof on it)


30 jul. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

the good, the bad and what a great race!

Stayed at the aquahotel for 5 nights, fab hotel, got taxis back and fore the track, all was smooth till the sunday after the grand prix where we had to queue for about 2 1/2 hours to catch a taxi back, other than that it was amazing, the silver 4 stand has terrific views, it was a superb race too which was a bonus, other than the mad queues at the end our only complaint was for the womens toilets, my partner queued for an hour just before the race began , for men it was still a wait but a lot quicker than the girls, apart from these niggles id thoroughly recommend going here and I want to return in the future for sure, it would be silver 4 for me again when I do, couldn't beat the view overall, superb!

David Callister

29 jul. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Great Weekend Poor Access to the Circuit

The race week end was brilliant, I notice in the drop-down menu above for ticket type I could have had a 3-corner silver ticket, this was not an option when I booked my ticket in January and one that I would have been interested in. We stayed in Budapest and transport to and from the circuit was poor, the free bus dropped you a 3 day camel ride from the circuit and particularly for my wife this was undo-able, therefore we were at the mercy of the taxi drivers.


29 jul. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Hungary F1 2015 Silver 4

Fantastic weekend, all made easier by the documents, information and tips sent by I researched these seats by using youtube for past races to see the view i would have (which i would highly recommend for any race) and they were brilliant. Turns 11/12/13/14 were right infront of us and you could see right down the start/finish straight up until the crest before the straight dips down. You could also see all the action from the pits (with binoculars/camera) and you could see the podium too. Personally i think either these or the club stand next to it are the best on the track. I would recommend bringing food and drink to the track as you can bring more in than we were led to believe (no cooler boxes however), and the food prices are highly inflated and of average quality, drinks were not too bad though. We got there very early every day throughout the weekend mainly to beat the traffic as the transport infrastructure is just not up to coping the shear volume of people, which is to be expected really of a 30 year old track. The police services however deal with it extremely well, lots of officers guiding and controlling the traffic and dispersing it with good effect at the end of the race days. All in. an epic weekend had by both me and my wife.


28 jul. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Silver 4 Hungaroring 2015

Fantastic race, great view of last corner, pit entrance and start finish straight. We combined the race with a week in Budapest, used metro from town to the bus station to catch the free bus. 15 minute walk from free bus to circuit was fine. Budapest is a wonderful city and Hungaroring well organised and very good value.

Mark Pitts Tamworth

28 jul. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Great weekend

Had booked seats in silver 4, great views of the S bends and start-finish, sun cream a must, but also pack a mac,the free bus service were good, but a good walk from the drop off point, and its all up hill, lucky you could stop half way up and get a beer, beer and food inside the track very very good value, compared to other tracks, Taxi service to and from track was also good value, even cheaper if you can share a cab,


28 jul. 2015

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

First time .

this was our fist time to a F1and it wont be our last. Our seats were in silver4 we had a wonderful view and two screens in front. The free coach was busy but excellent service.My only gripe was the queue of 40 minutes for the ladies toilet could we please have double to the men's who had no queue all weekend. The city of Budapest is so beautiful you cant fail to fall in love with it.


Entradas para niños

Child tickets are valid for children aged 13 and under. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Child Tickets are not available for Hospitality Options.

Entradas para personas con movilidad reducida

Hungaroring offers disabled wheelchair viewing from Gold 3 with companion and child tickets also available, and can be ordered online. Disabled tickets in other grandstands and General Admission are not available.

The companion/concession ticket type is to be bought in conjunction with a Wheelchair access ticket. A maximum of 1 companion/concession ticket to be purchased per disabled ticket.

Información adicional

Pit Walk

A free pit walk on Thursday for weekend ticket-holders is due to be confirmed closer to the race weekend.

3-Corner Tickets

3-Corner ticket types allow customers to experience a different grandstand on each day

  • 3-Corner Super Gold - Red Bull (Friday), Gold 1 (rows 1-12) (Saturday), Super Gold (rows 1-12) (Sunday)
  • 3-Corner Gold 1- Super Gold (rows 1-12) (Friday), Red Bull (Saturday), Gold 1 (rows 1-12) (Sunday)
  • 3-Corner Red Bull - Gold 1 (rows 1-12) (Friday), Super Gold (rows 1-12) (Saturday), Red Bull (Sunday)
  • 3-Corner Gold 4 - Silver 1 (Friday), Silver 5 (Saturday), Gold 4 (Sunday)
  • 3-Corner Silver 1 - Silver 5 (Friday), Gold 4 (Saturday), Silver 1 (Sunday)
  • 3-Corner Silver 5 - Gold 4 (Friday), Silver 1 (Saturday), Silver 5 (Sunday)


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