de Estados Unidos Gran Premio de Fórmula 1 2021

22 24 oct.provisional
Turn 15: Lower (Rows 1-12)

de Estados Unidos F1 2021Turn 15: Lower (Rows 1-12)

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Turn 15 gives you great close up action shots of the cars accelerating out of the corner.


Pantalla gigante
(sujeta a cambios)




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Linda Yarwood

04 nov. 2019

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Poor atmosphere and shocking access

The Americans really don't get F1, Our grandstand was empty until about 5 minutes before the race, so there was none of the atmosphere created in Mexico or Melbourne, where the stands were full 3 or 4 hours before, and everyone was partying and making friends. The opening entertainment was poor, as the music from the facilities around us drowned out much of the music on the speakers and the marching band were marching in silence for us, as their music was not transmitted across the site. The flypast was pathetic. We're English, and Lewis won the championship, so that made our weekend, but otherwise..... Getting out on Sunday afternoon was a farce. We booked an Uber and it took him 90 minutes to travel the 1 minute it was meant to take to get to us. The only reason he didn't cancel us was because once he was stuck in the traffic he decided it was just as easy to pick us up as give up. The Uber that dropped us in the morning had planned to do several trips, but changed his mind when he saw the shambles of the traffic organisation. The single steward put on managing the Uber access gate did a fantastic job in difficult circumstances, but it needed 3 men, as it was impossible for him to manage the traffic on the road as well as the access gate itself. When he needed a comfort break , he just had to leave the traffic to manage itself, and mayhem ensued. F1 need to get the stadium to build better access roads

Ron W

03 nov. 2014

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Great Venue

Had a blast. View was fantastic and venue was top rate. Could do something about restrooms -porta-potties pretty disgusting by end of event. Off-site parking shuttles could be allowed to get closer to gates.


10 dic. 2013

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Great view and great race - would go back in same stand as lots going on in turn 15


20 nov. 2012

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for the first time grand prix at austin, very good in general

facilities were overwhelmed

Ring Joven

19 nov. 2012

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I think it was the best race of the season. but there are things that they can improve on next year like: 1. Remove the obstructions (trucks and tents) in the middle of the track that is blocking the view. They should limit this to behind the pit. The reason why I like track races over street races is that it would give me at least a 60% view of the track. That was not the case in Austin. They could've just extended the hospitality area behind the pit as they do in other tracks. 2. It was great that COTA actually provided shuttle service to the patrons. however, the walk from the shuttle to the gate was horrible. I had blisters after and was so tired that I couldn't find the energy to go the the fan fest. 3. The variety of food was limited. And they were concentrated in a few places that created a congestion and lines that were unbelievably long.


Fecha provisional

La fecha de este evento está basada en el calendario provisional para la temporada de 2021. En general, las fechas no suelen cambiar, pero no podremos confirmar la fecha del evento hasta que el calendario se confirme, que esperamos que sea a finales de año. Si la fecha cambia, las entradas que hayas comprado para asistir al Gran Premio seguirán siendo válidas. Ahora bien, a ser posible, sería recomendable no reservar ningún tipo de alojamiento o viaje que no pueda cambiarse/cancelarse con facilidad hasta que se confirme el calendario de F1 2020.

Entradas para niños

Children 2 and under have free General Admission access when accompanied by a paying adult. Children 2 and under will not be entitled to their own grandstand seat unless a full price ticket is purchased. All children over 2 must have a full priced ticket.

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Most grandstand tickets are valid for three-days, However, selected grandstands will be available to purchase for individual days at a later date.

Please note that General Admission tickets are a 3-day, non-transferable wristband.

The Main Grandstand (Club Level, Mezzanine Level and Lower Level), Turn 1 and Turn 15 have seat backs, wider seats and more leg room than Trackside seating.


COTA's outdoor Super Stage is renowned for hosting international superstars as part of the F1 weekend. All entry tickets for the respective days will grant access to the evening concert. You can also purchase a standing or seated concert upgrade to get closer to the show.


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