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F Grandstand

de Malasia MotoGP 2021F Grandstand

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What can I see?

Located opposite the Tower, F overlooks both the North and South sides of the circuit. With views of Turns 6,7 and 8 and the hairpin at the Tower.

What do I get with my ticket?

You will have an unreserved seat in the F Grandstand on Saturday and Sunday. Access to the circuit on Friday is free of charge, and there will be a roving policy operating on this day, giving you roaming access to all general admission areas and grandstands.


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KB and HT

16 nov. 2018

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Amazing racing, not so amazing facilities

As a frequent visitor to the Silverstone track - we tried not to compare a completely different venue. We went with a fresh pair of eyes, but taking some of the usual lessons learnt e.g., early start race day to avoid queues, scoping the track out to find good places to sit and what facilities are available and where, etc. The track in general is excellent - we sat in Grandstand area 'F' and the view from this covered stand is brilliant - many opportunities to see racing and with the heavy rain that was due to arrive the covered stand made it more of a comfortable viewing position. I would say however that it rained so hard that it hit everyone in the front of the grandstand and at the back, resulting in people hoarding to the middle of the stand - not necessarily the fault of the facilities but more just a note about location when sitting in these grandstands at the end of monsoon season. A big disappointment about the grandstand was the lack of commentary even though the means to have it were clearly present - this did give the area a lack of atmosphere that you usually expect at a GP, and also made it a little more difficult to follow the race when it wasn't in your 'area' - I would say however a slight saving grace was the big TV screen across the track opposite the stand - at least this was some way to follow the rest of the race. One thing that was quite unexpected when visiting this track is the lack of health and safety standards - having been to Silverstone numerous times I was naively expecting a similar set up - but it's good to note that the crowds on race day (especially nearing the time of the GP) are very large and that means that people will sit anywhere - including the aisles of the grandstands which makes it near impossible to leave the grandstand, and furthermore, if there were any sort of emergency this would be an extremely dangerous situation if an evacuation was required. The grandstands we had on our 'premier roving' option were around a 15-20 minute walk from the main gate (but with hills and little areas to walk comfortably without being hit by cars and scooters) - the good thing about this ticket option though is there were frequent shuttle buses to take you to and from the grandstands - these turned out really useful and were an asset (although one driver was a bit slow on the uptake on race day - more concerned with his e-cigarette - but we finally got to our destination). As for the general track facilities; there were affordable food options in the area we sat in - but not as much variety as there was in the centre of the circuit - the food was average to good and 'filled a gap' when needed. However, you were only allowed to bring one bottle of water with you to the track and no food - in a place where the temperatures can reach above 30 degrees, I do think this is unacceptable and should be reconsidered for future events instead of forcing all visitors to have to spend money on things they may want to bring themselves. There was entertainment and shopping opportunities in the middle of the circuit, but with an accompanying soundtrack at every stand to make your ears bleed - but this is a minor note - which was more amusing than annoying. There were plenty of people on hand to help if needed and the efficient security checks at the front gate didn't slow the progress of getting spectators through the doors. There was however a huge amount of litter everywhere - but at least this was cleared up at the end of each day - maybe a few more bins and staff could stop it from becoming such a problem by the end of the day though. The biggest let down was the state of the toilets - there were so many on site, which was a great asset, but the state of them was not acceptable. They were unclean and there was never any toilet roll in any of them - even returning on the Sunday morning - nothing had been cleaned or replenished. This is unacceptable and if there is a facility available it should be usable. This made a great track a very big disappointment. After the race had finished we slowly made our way to the exit (knowing that this can always be a busy time, so best to let the masses flee) - it was still incredibly busy at the front gate though and made it absolutely impossible to find our driver who was coming to pick us up - there was traffic everywhere and no clear pick up points for anyone - it was a polluted free-for-all, which was made worse when the police started shutting roads making it even more difficult to get back to your hotels or homes. Overall, I would visit the area again but only if the facilities were brought up to scratch.

john smith

31 oct. 2017

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

asian experience

they do it different in SE Asia compared to Europe. its a lot cheaper or better value for money as Europe is over priced

Frank bevan

30 oct. 2017

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Flying visit

Had a quick visit Sunday for the race flew from kk kl and back bit of a rush and a fantastic crowd will be back

Auby bin Ilias

01 nov. 2016

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Enjoy the race

I have a very great day and enjoying the race, but it will give me more excitement if the sound system at the F Grandstand are fully in service


14 oct. 2013

¿Te ha sido de ayuda??

Definately let down by no seat Allocations!!!

Got there Very early,no seat allocations went to the toilet came back my prime seat was gone did this a few times in the day & ended up in front of a "POLE"..Could have watched it better live on TV..OVERALL VERY DISSAPOINTING!!!.why can they allocate seats for F1 GP & NOT for MOTO GP????


Fecha provisional

La fecha de este evento está basada en el calendario provisional para la temporada de 2021. En general, las fechas no suelen cambiar, pero no podremos confirmar la fecha del evento hasta que el calendario se confirme, que esperamos que sea a finales de año. Si la fecha cambia, las entradas que hayas comprado para asistir al Gran Premio seguirán siendo válidas. Ahora bien, a ser posible, sería recomendable no reservar ningún tipo de alojamiento o viaje que no pueda cambiarse/cancelarse con facilidad hasta que se confirme el calendario de F1 2020.

También te damos la opción de añadir un seguro de compra al realizar tu pedido, para tener la opción de recibir un reembolso del importe de las entradas que incluya los gastos de gestión y envío si las fechas cambian y, como consecuencia, no puedes asistir al evento.

Entradas para niños

Children below 2 years old can enter for free, however they will not be allocated a seat. Please note that you may need to provide identification on arrival.

Reduced pricing for the VIP Village is available for those aged 2-15 years.

No child tickets are available for other hospitality options so a full priced adult ticket must be purchased.

Entradas para personas con movilidad reducida

The Main Grandstand and VIP Village are wheelchair accessible. Please contact us for more information.

Información adicional

Friday Track Access

On Friday 29th October, Sepang International Circuit is open to everybody free of charge - no ticket is required and spectators can sit in any available grandstand.

Pit Walk

A free pit walk is normally held for Saturday-Sunday ticket-holders on one afternoon of the event. This will be confirmed closer to the event

Grandstand Information

Grandstand seats are not reserved and they are offered on a roving basis.

The Main Grandstand includes roving seating in the Mall Area. Please note that certain seat sections may be cordoned off for special private events.

The Premier Roving ticket allows admission to all Grandstands (excluding Valentino Rossi and Marquez Tribunes) and Hillstands. It also includes a shuttle service from the Welcome Centre to C2 Hillstand and F Grandstand.

Please note that MotoGP VIP Village tickets are only available for physical delivery.


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