d'Abou Dabi Grand Prix de Formule 1 2021

10 12 déc.

d'Abou Dabi F1 2021West

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What can I see?

Located at the end of the longest straight on the circuit, West Grandstand also is positioned on the end of the first DRS zone. Within one second of another car can activate the DRS, making the car aerodynamically faster than its rival - so you can expect to see the results of overtaking and lapping as the cars speed to take the chicane. Thanks to the flat geography of the circuit, West Grandstand offers panoramic views of the track.

What do I get with my ticket?

You will have a reserved seat in the West grandstand, as well as access to the Oasis areas, where you can purchase food and beverages, as well as available merchandise. Your ticket will also include general admission access to the after-race concerts for every day that it is valid.


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Sue Mutch

06 déc. 2019


Grand Prix Abu Dhabi 2019

The whole experience was amazing. Will definitely be doing it again. Thanks for all the information you sent to us it was really helpful.


03 déc. 2019


Always enjoy it here

Not sure the Yas 'pay' card was a good idea. Much beter to use card or cash.


03 janv. 2019


Excellent Circuit, OK City

Yas Marina Circuit is a fantastic modern facility full of great entertainment. We sat in the West grandstand and enjoyed perfect views of turns 8 & 9, as well as turns 20, 21 and the pit lane entrance. The West Oasis bar right beside the grandstand provided all our food, drink and entertainment needs. Alcohol is expensive and you're unable to take it out of the bar area, but that was to be expected in this part of the world. Transport between Abu Dhabi and the circuit is basically taxis only, but they are reasonably priced we never had any difficulty getting one. Traffic can be a problem around the circuit after each day, but it's no worse than any other GP. It took us about 25 minutes to reach the circuit each day, and about 40 minutes to get back to our Abu Dhabi hotel. Abu Dhabi is an ok city, but if I went again I'd stay close to Yas Marina or in Dubai. If you're thinking of attending with young children, the grandstands have change facilities and the bars and grandstands have ample shade. A full ticket is required for children on Saturday and Sunday (which seemed a bit excessive for an 11 month old) but attendance is free on Friday. Taxi's rarely have child seats. Overall the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a very impressive, well run event, but given the cost and location, I'd have to rate it below all the others I've attended (Melbourne, Spa, Monza, Budapest, Sepang).

Mark Slater

30 nov. 2018


A Good Overall Experience

Positives - The circuit facilities, seating and view of the cars, pre and post race entertainment, race ‘pack’ -including tickets and timetable, value for money (relative to other race weekends) Negative - Awful/incomplete directions to the ‘Black’ parking area at Yas Mall. Took one hour on arrival in Abu Dhabi (from Dubai) to find the designated car parking area. Then took a further 40 mins to find the meeting point for the shuttle bus to the circuit. Literally hundreds of people wandering around in the same predicament and we had to go into a few different shops in the mall to ask where to go! For this reason, only 4 stars overall instead of 5

Anne Perkins

28 nov. 2018


Abu Dhabi grand prix

When we booked the tickets we requested West Stand entrance E. F, G or H, row as before. We were unfortunately given entrance C which was around the corner of the stand and no view up the finish straight or further round the course where we usually sit. We had checked the seats but not the entrance.

K & J Robinson

26 nov. 2018


Fantastic Abu Dhabi F1 GP 2018

Fantastic experience from booking through to event itself. We’d booked this as part of our holiday & received the tickets in plenty of time for our travel. All the information sent beforehand was great, also really helpful highlighting the Yas app that we used. The seats we were allocated gave us a great view & fab to have the same seats for the whole event. Organization at the event was great including the concerts (we hadn’t realised these were included when we booked). Only item for improvement, literature said only professional cameras not allowed into concert, but application was cameras with a zoom, helpful if clearer in future. Staff at event were always helpful. Just fantastic!

Paul Whitt

26 nov. 2018


Awesome event

Bookf1 did a fantastic job of securing W04 block - I actually requested w07 but bookf1 could only secure w04 and actually it was better seats Right on the end of straight, see last 2 corners and pit entry Beer was extremely expensive at £11 a pint but plenty of food outlets and converts were great but very busy Overall the west stand was awesome to see the first lap crash, overtake and of course the donuts at the end Thank you bookf1 Canada is already booked with you for 2019


04 déc. 2017


Completely exceeded expectations!

This was my first live race and although the race itself was perhaps less than exciting, the whole 4 day event was an exceptionally awesome experience. Sat in the West Grandstand (right underneath the run-off area) where I had clear views of 6 turns. You are so close to the action that the smell of hot brakes is heavy, not to mention the earsplitting engines of the FP2 cars (don't need earplugs for the F1 cars). All grandstands are covered so you will be protected from the sun if watching FP1. Everything else is post-dusk anyway (which is stunning by the way). The venue is kept extremely clean, particularly the toilets, throughout the weekend. The event is packed full of entertainment: 'street ' performers, stage performers, wheel change station, fitness test tent etc, where you can get a fascinating insight into the world of F1 fitness, from the teams' trainers (learned some very interesting things about some of the drivers which I shouldn't really divulge ;)). I very, very highly recommend getting the 3 days tickets with the Thursday pit walk. I was expecting a quick shuffle through the pit lane but was blown away but how much time I was able to spend there, in close proximity to the garages. The teams are pretty relaxed because of the last race so they were more than happy with people sitting on their pit walls for pictures, bringing our steering wheels, touching cars (sensibly) being wheeled away for scrutiny etc. They were also wheeling the cars to and from scrutiny (which you could see being done in the FIA garage, from only feet away) so you were inches away from the cars - my shins collided with the front wing of a Renault as it was turning into the FIA garage and I had some good banter with the Renault engineer. I cannot recommend the pit walk enough - but get there early! I was one of the first to join the queue about an hour early and it paid dividends - pit lane was empty and I saw and got pictures with Wehrlein, Ericsson, Magnussen (and his engineer) plus Jock Clear. These tickets also include autograph sessions so again, if you are willing to get to the pen early and wait for an hour then you can see all the drivers personally. I got selfies with the majority of them (some couldn't make it) and then ones who do come are very nice and make an effort to attend to everybody within reason. Also randomly bumped into Johnny Herbert and Ted Kravitz separately who kindly obliged with selfies with them. The 3 day tickets are more than worth the difference because, as well as the mindblowing pit walk, it is slightly less busy so you can enjoy the entertainment slightly more comfortably as opposed to Sat and Sun when the circuit will be at its busiest. One word of caution is that taxis after the day is done, is a nightmare. You cannot just hail one on the streets, you have to get them from a very few designated points. My 'insider' advice would be to catch the circular bus to Yas Mall, and catch the taxi from there ( DO NOT bother going to the Plaza collection of hotels in the hope of catching a taxi there. We made the mistake of waiting there for a whole hour to have only one taxi arrive with the queue ever extending). Yas Mall will have a continuing flow of taxis coming in and out, so even though the queues seem daunting, they do keep moving). Lastly, the tickets also include concerts on each of the 4 days. I must admit that I didn't go to any of them due to the sheer crowds waiting to get in and also learning from the taxi situation experience of the impending hassle one would get once the concert was over and thousands of people try to cram into the circuit circular buses and hail taxis (it was hard enough even with those who were going to give the concert a miss)! Overall, truly awesome experience which completely exceeded my expectations (and that's with some of my friends having already been). It didn't matter to me one iota that I didn't attend the concerts because the actual F1 experience eclipsed that.

Bob Urquhart

27 nov. 2017


Best experince ever

Been to British gp four times , spanish gp four times , but the abu dhabi gp is far supieror to these, the atmosphere is excellent as is the circuit, we had excellent seats in the west grandstand and had a grest view of the cars , also across from us was a big screen to let us see what we had missed. i would highly recommend this race, the after race concerts were excellent as was the organisation for taxis after the concert, around 30 mins to get a taxi back to abu dhabi


19 déc. 2016


Top Class Venue

The Yas Marina ciruit is a very good venue for the Grand Prix. We were West section 05 Row G which had a good view. I would have struggled if the F1 cars were as noisy as the GP2 cars. Even with ear plugs and headphones those cars were what we love - noisy. I found however on the Saturday that I was fine watching them in the empty seats to the left of us looking down the start/finish straight. The circuit and facilities are kept very clean. There are ample food outlets with enough choice. They do quite a good job with entertainment within the circuit but I wasn't impressed with the duplication of security to enter the DuPoint Arena. Surely they should be able to filter race goers straight into the venue from the track where adequate security has already taken place. We persevered with it all to see Lionel Richie but we left his show early in anticipation of the taxi queue and we made the right call as it was apparentlly hideous. A fellow guest at our hotel got back at 1.00pm. This was the decider for Rhianna and we didn't even bother. I didn't speak to anyone who had a good thing to say about the entertainment afterwards which was a shame.


03 déc. 2016


Fantastic race.

I asked for the seat I decided to go for in West Grand stand.Seat in section 6 was great and just what wanted.Apart from long straight you could also see the Main grandstand straight and other parts of the track.There were after race concerts and also lots of shows going on inside circuit...fantastic.Getting back to hotel in Abu Dhabi after concerts a bit hectic but shared taxi sometimes not a major problem.Really enjoyed...thanks bookf1.

Sheila Walker

03 déc. 2016


Final Race for the 2016 Championship

I have not given a 5 star rating because on 2 days I queued in the sun to get a drivers autograph just to be turned away because they allowed too many people to queue for the short 20 minutes sessions. I brought this to the attention of the organisers who said they would try and act on this for the other 2 days, but I did not attempt to queue again. Also on Saturday there was no big screening for the GP3 race 1, where I was sitting. The screen was fixed after the start of F1 qualifying. Also there was no commentary of the press conference after qualifying. On Sunday the big screen was again not working for the GP3 final race 2. No big screen for the GP3 final race 2. Luckily it was fixed for the F1. Apart from the above I enjoyed the 4 days, including the pit walk on Thursday. The West Grandstand provided good views of the straight and corners. Also by 11am the sun had moved and the stand was in shade, which was very good. An excellent experience. Especially as Nico Rosberg won the 2016 Championship.


30 nov. 2016


Great Weekend - I was mesmerised!

Arrived by private taxi and was told by parking staff where to go, to access entrance. Very helpful friendly staff. Lots going on in the Village, stands, eating/drinking area. The seating was good with a great view of the circuit and drivers. The only downfall was, after the race had ended and Lewis won, we left our seat to head down towards the podium as we wanted a view of the trophy presentation, only to be left disappointed that we were not able to go down the tunnel towards that area. I wish this was pointed out on the tickets, otherwise we would have stayed in our seats and watched the presentation on the screens, which we missed. Complete chaos when leaving. It took us 3 hours from leaving the grounds to finally get out of the area.


03 déc. 2015



Very recommended

Vulcan 360

02 déc. 2015


Abu Dhabi

My only complaint would be that when we arrived at the track on the Saturday and Sunday by taxi at the west entrance the officials would not let the taxis unload anywhere, in the end we jumped out at the traffic lights, not fun.


01 déc. 2015


Excellent package

The whole experience was amazing and very well organised. Downside was crazy taxi situation leaving the circuit afterwards.


01 déc. 2015


Full review

First thanks to the book F1 team we couldn't have asked for more so they deserve a well done. Transport. Ok we were based in Abu Dhabi Corniche area and if you use the Sheraton hotel as a landmark it gives you an idea of distance. Taxis cheap as chips use local metred they are cheaper and radar speed monitored, 56 dirham one way for a 25min ride to yas so £11/4in the taxi £2.75ea..nice. If your west stand get dropped at Park in hotel its 5min walk eliminating the need for shuttle bus. Circuit shuttle busses were free but queue. Return from circuit. Practice Thurs / Fri walk back to the hotel and jump in a taxi (unless its a Dubai taxi, not permitted). Sat. For taxi the arrangements are free shuttle bus to queue at ferrai world and meter starts at 20 dirham and there are thousands of them so you won't wait long but if you go next door to yas shopping mall, no queue and metre starts at 3.5dirham. Sun. Its busy don't take short cuts a lot of people are trying and end up failing so use the shuttle bus for taxi at Ferrai world. West stand Seating We were Entry F for W-05 level 1 row seats 1-4. Absolutely cracking spot. Clear view high speed down the back straight to DRS close and brake for the S bend which is where we were seated. Then away from you under the yas marine circuit bridge. You also have clear view out of marine complex for the last two bends before down view of down the pit straight. you see chequered flag and start lights. Go for row 6 if possible. As a bonus your still raised at level 1 and can see clearly in to the cars as they pass. Quality! you will not be disappointed book early. Oh two monitors in front of you. Facilities Everything you need and expect from a motor racing circuit except free water. Entertainment. Aftrer show concerts well organised and free upgrades Fri/Sat to front golden circle if you catch a band we didn't go but reviews from others were good. Pre race good but some waiting great build up to pre start. End of race climax was outstanding. Overall....GO. Hope that helps Regards Clive (

John Maskrey Brown

01 déc. 2015


Great Service

Great weekend and very good circuit facilities. If you have seats in the West Stand the hotels just a cross the road are only a 7 minute walk away. Recommend the Yas Island Rotana - very good.


08 déc. 2014


Superb Circuit

Enjoyed every moment, lots of stalls to buy foods/drinks and kits etc..... Easy access buy rental car from Dubai as we were staying at Dubai. Drive for 1hours and 15mins direct from the Express Motorway, parked car at park and ride, plenty buses every 5mins to the circuit. A wee traffic on the way back due to many people leaving at the same time but easy to get out after the park and ride. I would recommend anyone to go there.


07 déc. 2014


Fantastic Weekend

Brought my Dad and my son (8); we had an amazing experience all round. The F1 team online were really helpful in answering questions in the runup to the race - can't wait for next year!

Infos importantes

Billets enfants

Please note that there are no child tickets released for the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 race. Children under the age of 12 will not be permitted at the event. Children over the age of 12 will require a full priced adult ticket.

Billets mobilité réduite

Yas Marina Circuit offers disabled seating platforms in various grandstands on the circuit. Please contact us for more information.

infos supplémentaires

COVID-19 Security Measures

As a major sporting and entertainment event in the global calendar to open to spectators in 2021, Yas Marina have been working hard to develop an event which not only adheres to all government COVID precautionary measures, but promotes a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors. This will include the following measures:

  • Vaccination - All attendees must have received two doses of a UAE government approved COVID-19 Vaccine
  • PCR Testing - All attendees must also have a negative PCR test result within 48 hours of entering the venue
  • Temperature checking - Anyone with a temperature above 37.3 degrees will not be permitted access to the venue
  • Venue Santisation - Regular cleaning and sanitisation of all public areas with hand sanitiser at all major touch points
  • Social distancing - markers are in place throughout the venue
  • Children - Following government guidelines we are unable to allow children under the age of 12 into the event
  • First aid and COVID-19 Testing point - Fully manned first aid point with dedicated quarantine room for suspected COVID-19 cases. PCR testing will be available on-site throughout the event


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