du Brésil Grand Prix de Formule 1 2021

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The Autodrome is located near Marginal Pinheiros and Av. Senador Teotu00F4nio Vilela. On-site parking is free, however during the F1 weekend, you may have restricted access. It is advisable to check this before travelling at the time.

Autocar et bus

Petrol is expensive in Brazil so those on a budget may prefer to get the bus, over a taxi or driving. Bus services run from all over the city to the circuit on Grand Prix weekend. Tickets cost around R $3.80 (three reais and eighty cents). There are a number of bus lines and routes you can take, which all run through the Autodromo de Interlagos. For more information on the full bus schedule, please contact us.


The city of Su00E3o Paulo has a variety of registered taxis, each divided into four categories: common, radio-taxi, special and luxury.

There are a number of taxi points around Su00E3o Paulo, mainly situated near the main hotels in the centre. With that said, it is also possible to find taxi pick up points near the Autodromo. For more information on this, please contact us.


The Autodromo station, line 9 - Esmeralda / Osasco-Grajau00FA, is approximately six minutes walk to the circuit. Alternatively you can get off at Jurubatuba Station and catch a bus at the Terminal. Please see more information on bus options above.


If you are looking into possible helicopter transfers, the Autodromo de Interlagos has a helipad. This can be used free of charge, however we advise speaking with your chosen transfer company for more information on this.


Pour plus d'informations concernant les trajets internationaux, veuillez consulter notre page Destination et tourisme.

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Pour plus de tranquillité, vous pouvez contracter notre Assurance Billets lors de votre commande, et vous recevrez un remboursement de votre réservation (frais de livraison et de services inclus) en cas d’un changement de date qui vous empêcherait de pouvoir assister à l’événement.

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