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d'Autriche MotoGP 2022Enceinte générale

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The General Admission area is at the North of the circuit and has views of the second turn and straight.


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14 août 2019


Fantastic day

Glorious setting, brilliant racetrack and a truly memorable set of races. Entry to the circuit and exit from it were a little tricky, but probably only because we didn't know our way around. The general admission tickets afford viewing from a high grassy bank, which is fine, but if you don't get there early it's hard to see much of the action. Grandstand tickets are best, but expensive. Beautiful place and a brilliant day.


16 août 2018


A good experience

Got tickets in time, easy to park, well organised, easy to exit. Everything was there. Fantastic aerial display. Big screen. Compared to Sepang Malaysia, everything was expensive, tickets, foods and drinks. Circuit was interesting but again was away from viewers, not as closed up as Malaysia circuit. However, it was good.

Emily O Keeffe

13 août 2018


Austrian Moto GP2018

Great weekends racing. Lots of good viewing points in general admission. Only downside, there were no chairs for sale like there are at other gps.

J. Griffiths

18 janv. 2017


Never again

The walk from the motorcycle parking was miles uphill, the general admission viewing area was a waste of time, you could not see. The natives where very rude, someone flicked a lit cigarette that hit me and burned my leg. Getting out was a nightmare, the temperature was at least 40 degrees, with all your leathers on it was impossible, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, you where moving very slowly, my clutch hand was in lots of pain. Never again.


23 août 2016


Red Bull Ring Motogp

We had green area general admission tickets and to be honest the view of the circuit was really poor in fact that we didn't even bother going on race day. The merchandise at the circuit in our area was non existent and parking for bikes wasn't very good either. I wouldn't recommend this circuit to anyone who didn't have a grandstand ticket as it wasn't worth even half the money we paid for general admission.

Mrs D Gould

23 août 2016


Moto GP

Very, very disappointing. Too many people in the 'green' general admission area giving VERY restricted viewing. Huge van with TV on top restricted viewing of the circuit even more. As we were sitting on verge (standing not an option as people's viewing behind was blocked and you were shouted at to sit down, therefore viewing to the TV screen was restricted depending on how many people stood/moved in front of the screen. We love the live atmosphere of Moto GP races but in this case we left after the first race to watch it on TV at home without restricted vision. Will not recommend Red Bull Circuit to anyone for Moto GP or Formula 1.

Darryl Walford

21 août 2016


excellent gp, but due to location of circuit it envolves alot of uphill walking high up!

excellent venue but get hotel as close to the circuit as possible or leave early in the am to arrive early, brilliant roads for riding a motorbike to the circuit from any direction


17 août 2016


Great experience but access once at the track very very limited.

What a stunning place to watch a race. The build up and general atmosphere was electric on race day with scenery to die for. Screens and commentary were more than adequate and if you were prepared to move around a reasonable view of the track was possible. However sending cars motorcycles and pedestrians all down the same wooded track to the viewing and parking areas meant access was a disaster. This was a shame as the Police had done a good job up until getting to the track with traffic management. If you have never been I would recommend going. The track, the atmosphere and the scenery are all an experience not to be missed.

Geani - Edinburgh

17 août 2016


Red Bull Ring - grandstand required

viewing from general admission area is limited unless you want to watch the race on a big screen!! Managed to get a decent spot at the last corner with a limited view of a big screen. Looking forward to returning but will book early and get a grandstand


17 août 2016


Austria Spielberg review

The setting at Spielberg is magnificent, mountains and forests surrounding the track I would say matched only by Mugello. While Austria's public highways are extremely easy to navigate, fast and sparsely populated the access to the track itself is poor. Well organised, but there is a limit to what you can achieve with a reported 95,000 using local single lane and almost dirt tracks. Would recommend travelling early or camping as the exit in particular was painful. For viewing, again would recommend a grandstand if possible as general entry viewing is poor. The nature of the track means that you had a choice of seeing the bikes side on at 200mph or from the back as they exit a corner (view blocked by a poorly placed service road). There are however lots of screens throughout. The atmosphere was excellent, the crowd volume helped here and also the great idea of commentary in 3 languages (German, English and Spanish). Overall would thoroughly recommend, nearby Graz is a lovely city and great base for visiting the track. However, be prepared for delays and book early to secure grandstand seats if you can.

Stewart Pegum

17 août 2016


Fantastic track

We had 1 ticket for the KTM fan stand and 1 general admission, if i went again i would pick somewhere in the main grandstand for easy access to all the facilities. There is no bridge or tunnel so its a long long walk to the spectator banking at the top of the track. The track itself is brilliant. Toilets and on track catering are as expected, not that great and expensive but thats the same everywhere. WE went by motorbike, great ride from the UK over the Alps. Cost €10 for a coded box to put your gear in, excellent idea and no queues to pick up at the end of the day. Bike parking was ok but the way out was shared with the cars and a bit 'off road' but perfectly manageable. Overall a great experience, i recommend it.

Mick Collyer

16 août 2016



Great circuit with terrific facilities, general admission viewing is difficult, a grandstand ticket is a must


16 août 2016


August 2016

Straight forward to travel by car to the Redbull Ring and easy to get both in and out of. We arrived around 7.30am and left mid way through last race. General organisation top notch, one tip though, the vendors don't take cash so you need to buy a prepaid card to use for food etc. Sounds like a pain but even that works really well keeping queuing down to a minimum. Highly recommended venue and I have been to quite a few!

Yves Paesen

15 août 2016


Austrian Motogp

The track is very nice, and no traffic jam going to the Gp, coming back there was traffic jam but that is normal... the General admission ( view was not very good , i would recommend another place to see the race).....


15 août 2016


General admission

Transport needed to get there and separation of bikes cars and pedestrians would be helpful. cashless card system for drinks and food which was very expensive €10 for a litre of water. Toilets few and far between in the green area which was very hilly and steep slopes. Limited view of track due to steep slopes but definitely the most scenic track we have been to. Graz is nearest city to circuit but that is over an hour away. If you like camping it is right on the circuit and would be best options no travel. Overall we did have a good weekend but weather certainly helped. General admission is just that no access to any grandstand at all on any day and if you come to the main entrance it is a fair trek to the other side of the circuit.


15 août 2016


Long walk!

Great day at the MotoGP. It's a very long walk from the entrance to the green ticket area. There is a transfer, but we had walked the route and not one bus passed us so it would be a long wait. Staff on entrances could be more helpful with directions too as we entered the wrong area and staff scanning our tickets did not tell us we were in the wrong place, so had to walk twice as far! Viewing was a long way from the track but the big screens showed us all the action.


15 août 2016




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