Formule 1 | Grand Prix van België 2021

27 29 aug.
Goud 10: Eau Rouge

Grand Prix van België 2021Goud 10: Eau Rouge

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Goud 10 ligt in de wereldberoemde bocht Eau Rouge en biedt prachtig panoramisch zicht van La Source tot Raidillon.


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lom family

05 sep. 2019


Great weekend

The 2019 Belgian Grand Prix will definitely be the greatest experience we’ve ever had. We arrived at the circuit on Saturday and straight, I completely fell in love with the track before we even got in! While we were getting our tickets scanned, I could hear the monumental echoes of the screaming V10 and V12 engines. Watching F3 was amazing. We shocked by how good the engines sounded. Sat at eau rouge, great seats gold 10, covered stand. Be prepared for changeable weather-rain coat or sun cream.Lots to see and do in the fan zone next to us, dj all day, food n drinks, merch. Access to circuit was fine on Saturday but very busy on Sunday.

Derek Mac

29 aug. 2018


Great Circuit and Event, poor fan facilities

Great circuit one of the best, good support races, lots going on all weekend. Big crowds so moving about takes time, no major problems at the gates, got in and out with no major problems. Huge issue with lack of toilet and facilities at the circuit quite simple barbaric and no excuses In this day and age. Given the prices paid the organisers should be ashamed at the lack of provision. As an example on our section 10, there were no facilities on Sunday as they had run out of water!!!


28 aug. 2018


Eau rouge the place to be

Great view and easy access. Hospitality and amenities close by.

Chris and Lisa

28 aug. 2018


That is Raidillon, actually

Excellent seating at Gold 10. We really enjoyed the week-end at Spa. Best race was the sunday F2 sprint race.

Chris and Lisa

28 aug. 2018


A great week-end in the Ardennes

we had a gret fun week-end at Spa. Excellent experience with lots of meet and greet of drivers in the fan zone. The beer is way to expensive. Next time, we´ll bring our own booze!

Mike Stiller

23 sep. 2017


Belgian GP 2017

Seats were good at Eau Rouge, weather was great. Promised (and paid for) shuttle transport from Liege train station to Spa circuit never showed up. Directions said pickup would occur at 0830. Evidently actual pickup was at 7:30, but we were never notified! We were there by 8:00, no shuttle. We and another couple had to take a taxi to the circuit for 170 euros. Didn't get to the circuit until 1130. Because we didn't know where the shuttle would pick up people after the race (driver was supposed to tell us in the morning) we had to take a public bus to the nearest train station and another taxi for an extra 55 euros to get back to our hotel in Liege by 7:30 PM (race ended at 3:30.). Transport screw-up made overall day disappointing.


29 aug. 2017


Fantastic experience..great seats!

We paid a lot of money to get Gold 10 grandstand seats, but the facilities there were excellent. Very clean ladies toilets and bar. View of Eau Rouge, loud speakers, so we could hear the commentary and very close to the Fanzone with entertainment. Only negative, was the slow traffic at the circuit and parking. I paid 16 Euros to park close to our seats, but everyday except Friday, we had to park a long walk from the circuit as our allocated parking was full. Surely if you are selling allocated parking, I should be able to park there. Traffic management was poor and it felt we were driving round in circles to get to a space - if it had rained hard, I'm not sure people would have been able to get there cars in or out - as you are literally parking in a field/forest!!! Didn't spoil the weekend, but wanted to highlight this.


02 sep. 2016


Great weekend But!!!!

Poor people management inside the circuit in fact dangerous at times particular on Saturday. Car park too far away from stand. (Gold 10) over one hours walk each way. Large TV screen hampered viewing do to catch fencing. Screen should be raised higher. Rubbish not collected or removed over night Sat/Sun. This is a disgrace as ticket and catering prices are very high. Good toilet facilities inside stand area. Had to pay which is good as kept very clean. Excellent. Also cold drinks available inside stand area which was a life saver do to very hot weather.

Roger Widdowson

30 aug. 2016


Gold 10 has restriced views and only partial sun cover

The service from bookF1 was easy and efficient. I chose Gold 10 because it is on the famous Eau Rouge. Unfortunately our seats were lower in the grandstand and so we had to view the race and TV screen through the safety fence. Not happy about this. Secondly, although Gold 10 has a 'roof' in certain seating positions (like ours) this does not give sun cover. The temperatures were 35deg+ so not having sun cover was an issue.

Karen Turner

26 aug. 2014


Belguim F1 2014

Excellent service as my original tickets did not turn up. Gold 10 is staight viewing onto the track, very good for photo as the cars are slowing down as they go up the hill.

Leó Már Jóhannsson

26 aug. 2013


Facilites dissapointing

Dear receiver Although it was an impressive and was in general enjoying the weekend there are some things that need improvement: - There is no access to see/touch/admire any formula 1 car or equipment at SPA. - The TV is way to small, its very difficult to read anything. - Very poor value of the 548 € ticket (had to pay for the toilette, the stand is not really covered, no parking included, much less info than on the TV, information missing on how to access the site, waiting time and parking). - Hospitality (choice of food, ques etc) was kind of sad. The live comments on the speakers were good and the staff was friendly. Best regards Leó

Belangrijke informatie


Kinderen van 5 jaar of jonger kunnen gratis naar binnen maar moeten op de tribune op de schoot van de ouder zitten mits er geen aparte kinderkaart aangeschaft is. Kinderen van 6 jaar of ouder moeten een toegangsticket hebben, voor zowel bronzen staanplaatsen en tribuneplaatsen. Op de dag van de race kan er om identificatie gevraagd worden. Kinderkaarten met korting zijn geldig voor personen van 15 jaar of jonger.

Mindervalide kaarten

Een mindervalide podium voor rolstoelgebruikers is beschikbaar naast de Goud 7 tribune. Alleen een mindervalide en begeleider zijn toegestaan op deze locatie waarbij elk persoon een apart ticket moet hebben. Selecteer hiervoor in ons aanbod de Roelstoelpodium tickets.

Extra informatie

Pit Walk

Een gratis pit walk en coureurs signeersessie is naar verwachting beschikbaar op de donderdagmiddag. Dit is uitsluitend beschikbaar voor houders van een weekendticket. Tevens dien je vooraf je in te schrijven voor deze Pit Walk.


Het Spa-Francorchamps circuit leent zich vanwege haar heuvelachtige terrein uitstekend voor staanplaatsen. Mocht je bronzen staanplaatsen hebben dan is het toegestaan om klapstoeltjes en/of kleden mee te nemen om op te zitten. Houd er echter rekening mee dat het terrein heuvelachtig en ruig kan zijn en dat het eventueel ver lopen kan zijn, afhankelijk van de ingang die je gebruikt.

Let op: Alle tickets, op hospitality na, worden verzonden als E-ticket. Deze tickets worden 2 - 4 weken voor de race verzonden.


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