Formule 1 | Grand Prix van Hongarije 2021

30 jul. 01 aug.
Tribunecombi Goud 1

Formule 1 | Grand Prix van Hongarije 2021Tribunecombi Goud 1

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De Goud combi geeft toegang tot Super Gold (rijen 1-12) op vrijdag, Red Bull op zaterdag en Goud 1 (rijen 1-12) op zondag.


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Most helpful

Peter P (Pascalwb)

10 aug. 2019


Second time and it was great.

Booked second time with bookF1, last time was in 2017. This year ticked were pretty early like month before. Thursday pit walk was little disorganized. People got wristbands with sectors and they were supposed to go to pit walk base on these, but nobody checked them and it was meaningless, so from main grand stand people jumped over seats and it was pretty chaotic. But track was open up to last corner, compared to 2017 when it was closed much sooner. Also parking was very chaotic on Thursday, not as much people directing it, and they were very slow. Parking during the week is much better and faster. Persons on the parking will show you exact spot where to park. Entering the gate was also ok, no delays. There was free tap water all over the track. Food was very expensive 3000+ HUF . You can pay by €, where 1€ = 300HUF. I had 3 corner tickets with Sunday being on Gold 1. It was good, but the negative was that there were 2 TV further on the left and right. And they had delayed sound between each other, so it was hard to understand anything. They play videos and highlights whole day on the TVs. Fan stage was behind last corner, there were some short interviews with few drivers on in in the Saturday evening. This year they let the track open a little longer after the race, so I managed to get on it, compared to 2017. I had VIP parking on Sunday and I can recommend it. You can use VIP lane and park closer to the track. But the main benefit is when you leave, you can use the normal road, instead of using dirt road like from free parking. Leaving free parking on Sunday is very chaotic, as you cannot use the normal road you used to enter and there is nobody directing it. One negative was Polish fans, they were pretty drunk and annoying. Screamed Kubica regardless who was on stage or podium, very disrespecting.

Darren B & Family

06 aug. 2019


Great experience

Thanks to book F1 as usual..... This was my first visit to the Hungaroring and it did not disappoint. We purchased the 3 corners Gold ticket which gave us a great perspective of different parts of the track. Our seat on Sunday was amazing - Start / Finish line, Podium and the Mercedes Garage and being Lewis Fans this gave us everything we wanted for a perfect weekend !!!!!! The facilities inside the circuit were superb and put some other tracks to shame - Great choice of food and drink stalls at the best prices I have witnessed - £3 a pint of Heineken :), real toilets, in real buildings... Which my wife appreciated very much. The only challenge was leaving the track on Saturday and Sunday - Not the most organised. Tip - If you don't mind a 25 minute walk, head to the Mogyorod train station and you will definitely get a seat on the train back to Budapest as most people go to the stations at Szilasliget & Kerepes.(and these are mad busy and you will have to wait for 3 trains to get on 1 and they only run every 30 minutes).


08 aug. 2018


Hot. Fantastic. Awesome. Very wet.

The seats were brilliant, right opposite the podium, the start/finish and near Lewis Hamiltons’ garage. We were seated at the end of a row which is what we wanted as I have back problems and can’t always sit for too long & didn’t want to ruin everyone else’s viewing by standing up all the time, so thank you. We have always bought our tickets from you & never been disappointed. One negative ( not your fault ) is the lack of security on the gate of the Gold seats - there was no security for the last 30 minutes which enabled everyone to come in, sit on the steps and blocked the exit/entrance of our stand. This is a safety issue that should be addressed. It’s adding a lot of weight to the stand structure, not to mention that it isn’t fair for everyone who has paid a lot of money for their ticket & then have 25 people walk in and block your view!

Andrew W

01 aug. 2018


Prepare to walk

Access to the track from Budapest involves either an expensive taxi or a long(ish) walk. We took the Metro line M2 to the end of the line at Ors Vezer Terre and then the overground train to Szilasliget. This leaves you a good 30 minute walk to the circuit. Trains were not too bad on the trip to the circuit (takes about half an hour) but were fuller on the way back. Raceday was, as expected, mayhem on the trains.with very crowded carriages especially after the race itself. Top tip - buy your return ticket on the way out as you will be able to avoid the queue for tickets at the station on the way back (there is no return ticket - you need two singles). Don't follow the crowds from the station but bear left past the gym park), turn left at the main road and then first right towards the camping and parking site. This is a much wider road than the main "drag" which most people walk along and is an easier walk. The road turns into a track across a field and then into the circuit campsite but just keep walking straight and you get to the circuit eventually. You cannot walk round the circuit like some other tracks (Silverstone, Spa etc) but can only walk the second half of it. Gold 1 and 2 tickets are opposite the grid and are better than Super Gold which are further down the first straight (although they are opposite the pits). Super Gold is also a covered grandstand which is good for both if it rains and/or is 35C (either is possible within minutes at the Hungaroring). The main action point is at turn 1 going into turn 2 so Gold 4 is best for seeing it. Overall the circuit was easy to get to, food and drink not ridiculously expensive but it was disappointing not to be able to walk the whole circuit.

Ken E

14 aug. 2017


Great weekend

Overall this was a great weekend, good weather (in fact very hot), good race and very nice circuit. Only downside were the security people who were a little too strict and petty. For example, the track and grandstands were cleared shortly after the trophy presentations. Also I wanted to take a photograph from the entrance to an empty stand early in the morning but was told I couldn't because I didn't have the correct ticket! The 'official' taxis to and from the airport were very good using the VIP entrance and reasonably priced if you share. Downside was we had to queue for 2 hours for a taxi after the race.


01 aug. 2017


First class


Formula 1 Norway

31 jul. 2017


Parking issues

Great seats thanks to Atmosphere was really good and the race speaks for itself. We went by car and you might want to consider this as the last option. On Saturday we parked in the wrong space as signage for gold tickets was not that good. Although a bit of a walk to the gate getting out was quite smooth. On Sunday we found the gold parking, but this was a nightmare. We spent 1 1/2 hours without getting anywhere. A complete chaos with no organization from the police or staff. Will not stay in this parking area the next time - a friendly advice is to park in the large free parking area, or simply get a taxi.

Budapest 6

27 jul. 2016


Fantastic Weekend in Hungary

We stayed in Budapest, in the centre, and got the Metro (tickets are 300HUF) to the Bus station, and got on the free bus to the circuit. It takes about 30 mins on the bus, and we never waited for one. You have to squash on, and foget queing, but its a great service. At the track, its about 20-30 min walk up the hill to the entrance to the circuit. We didnt buy anything at the track like food etc, we took small picnic, and drinks, but bags were searched on entry, and some had beer removed, but we were ok. We sat at Red bull on Friday - great view. Bronze 1 for qually, which was also great, and it rained and there is no cover, but made it very interesting. Race we were sat in Gold, and it was a FAB view of the grid, podium etc. I would highly recommend this ticket option, shame other cicuits dont do this. The only low light, was not being able to get on the track after the race. They did allow it, but we stayed in seats for the podium stuff, but not long after that was all done, security came on a cleared the track, which was a shame, as previous years we have been to Spa and Monza, and its a great atmospohere on the track after the race.


25 jul. 2016


Hungaroring Weekend

Great first visit to Hungarian GP. Used the shuttle bus to get from the city - this tool about 35 - 40 minutes but then a 20 minute walk up hill to the entrance. Generally circuit facilities good bit food very expensive and of varying quality good around the Gold seating areas and cheaper(2500 Huf for excellent pulled pork roll) More expensive and not as good around the other side of circuit Bromze area (4000 Huf for a hot dog (>£11)


25 jul. 2016


Hurray for Hungaroring

Good facilities, easy access by taxi, set taxi fees, long queue on Sunday evening - should have more places to get a taxi. Food facilities particularly behind the main straight were very good and varied. Excellent seats for 3 corner gold.

Judie Grant

29 jul. 2015


Was fantastic

Was not able to roam from stand to stand as advertised on ticket sale


02 aug. 2014


Fab race

Great circut,brill views,seating a must,cheap as chips in they ground.don't bother with a taxi,public transport is just as quick and a lot cheaper,better atmosphere traveling with the fans.


04 aug. 2013


A great week-end....just one thing to sort out

Firstly, ticket ordering and delivery again first class by The chance to buy a ticket that gives the opportunity to sit in three different spots is a good one. We had Super Gold on day 1, opposite pits (McClaren) and under cover to give some shade (vital when it's hitting 42 degrees), Silver 2 for qualifying (a better seat than Super-gold as you ger to see the cars for longer and with cornering and flat out) and finally Gold 5 for race day (opposite pit exit and big screen, at end of start finish straight and 1st DRS zone and just before first corner). Super Gold rows 1-10 was a little disappointing as view not great and you do not get the cars for long. While the track is not quick on a par with Spa the facilities are much better, plenty of room around the track and good places to sit and eat. No long lines for food, drink or the loos. Good idea for maximum fees on all taxis from the city centre (~£27). Getting in and out not a problem except for the major wait on getting away after the race. Having waited around at the circuit for an hour after the race it then took 90 minutes in high 30 degree heat in a chaotic queue to get away. So sort the taxi queue out is the big ask. This is a great Grand Prix to mix a race with sightseeing as Budapest is a nice city. If just going for the racing then Spa wins out for me.


01 aug. 2013


Hungarian Grand Prix

Almost impossible to get there on the Thursday as no free bus on that day. Taxis were not charging the 'set' fee on the Thursday so it cost quite a bit more. When booking it would be good to have a choice of transfers for the Thursday and Friday as well as Sat and Sunday


30 jul. 2013


hungarian grand prix

the best ticket for this race is any ticket on the 1st bend as that is where the action is .use the bus service to get to the grand prix as it is free .we got a taxi back , about 40 euros and we were back in Budapest about 30 mins after Lewis picked up his trophy!

V Lakis

07 nov. 2012



Nice weekend in a beautiful city

Belangrijke informatie


Kindertickets zijn geldig voor kinderen van 13 jaar of jonger. Kinderen moeten worden begeleid door een volwassene.

Kindertickets zijn niet beschikbaar voor Hospitality Options.

Mindervalide kaarten

Hungaroring biedt rolstoelgebruikers toegang op Gold 3 met kaartjes voor begeleiders en kinderen die ook online kunnen worden besteld. Kaarten voor gehandicapten op andere tribunes en algemene toegang zijn niet beschikbaar.

Het type begeleider tickets moet worden gekocht in combinatie met een ticket voor rolstoeltoegang. Er kan maximaal 1 begeleidersticket worden gekocht per ticket voor mindervaliden.

Extra informatie

Houders van een Super Gold-tribune krijgen gratis parkeergelegenheid (1 per 4 tickets) en toegang tot een voorrangsrijstrook ten noorden van de baan. Houd er rekening mee dat deze aanbieding niet van toepassing is op de optie Lower Row.

Pit Walk

Vanwege de wereldwijde pandemie is er besloten geen pit walk te organiseren tijdens de Grand Prix van Hongarije.

Tickets voor 3-Corners (Tribunecombi's)

Met 3-Corner-tickets kunnen klanten elke dag een andere tribune ervaren

  • 3-Corner Super Gold - Red Bull (vrijdag), Gold 1 (rijen 1-12) (zaterdag), Super Gold (rijen 1-12) (zondag)
  • 3-Corner Gold 1- Super Gold (rijen 1-12) (vrijdag), Red Bull (zaterdag), Goud 1 (rijen 1-12) (zondag)
  • 3-Corner Red Bull - Goud 1 (rijen 1-12) (vrijdag), Super Gold (rijen 1-12) (zaterdag), Red Bull (zondag)
  • 3-Corner Goud 4 - Zilver 1 (vrijdag), Zilver 5 (zaterdag), Goud 4 (zondag)
  • 3-Corner Zilver 1 - Zilver 5 (vrijdag), Goud 4 (zaterdag), Zilver 1 (zondag)
  • 3-Corner Zilver 5 - Goud 4 (vrijdag), Zilver 1 (zaterdag), Zilver 5 (zondag)

Alle kaarthouders hebben recht op gratis toegang tot de testen in het seizoen (onder voorbehoud).


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