Formule 1 | Grand Prix van de Verenigde Staten 2021

22 24 okt.Voorlopige datum
Turn 12 Upper

Formule 1 | Grand Prix van de Verenigde Staten 2021Turn 12 Upper

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From Turn 12 you can see most of the Circuit of the Americas, letting you see most of the action!





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Lonnie Thompson

07 nov. 2019


2019 US Grand Prix COTA

Overall amazing time. Great seats. Tickets were exactly what I wanted and worked well. Tones if events around the track along with Live music. Will certainly go back and use bookf1 again.

Steven Selby

04 nov. 2019


USA Formula 1 2019

An amazing experience of watching an F1 race outside of Europe for the first time and was made even better by the race itself which was superb. Highly recommended and the view from Turn 12 Grandstand Seating is highly recommended, you can see so much of the action from there.

McLaren man

04 nov. 2019


1st time attended; we'll be back!!!

This was the first time we've ever attended an F1 race, and overall, the event was all we could hope for. My family and I enjoyed the weekend immensely. We were there for all 3 days, and will definitely be back again in the future. The only things that could be improved were the bathrooms (quite cramped and often quite disgusting), the fact that the entire opening ceremony was silent, as no sound was being broadcast to the spectators (we could see the Longhorn marching band playing their hearts out, but never heard a single note they played), and the utter chaos of tens of thousands of people all cramming in to see the concerts. Despite these issues, however, this was one of the best weekends of our lives, and we will certainly be coming back again.

Pete Martin

04 nov. 2019


Excellent Service, superb communication.

We ordered tickets for Austin, USA, the first day they were released and we were kept informed about when tickets would be issued, how they would be despatched and everything else we needed to know at every stage of the process. The tickets arrived on time and were exactly as expected. Book F1 could have done no better. This is the third year we have used them and each of those three years has been the same.

El Chinero a/k/a Anthony Tellier

04 nov. 2019



We enjoyed the facility, the shuttles/trams, the access points, the stands ... however not enough toilets: women were lined up from Hell to breakfast. Staff was friendly and courteous Texas-style. Views from Turn 12 bleachers were many, with nothing in the way, a/k/a Canada.

Candice K

23 okt. 2018


Great venue and amazing race

We chose seats at turn 12 and loved them! You can see a lot of the track from there, and there is a jumbo screen so you can catch all the action you can't see. Turn 12 is also a great spot for overtaking and you get to see the cars come screaming in to the braking zone. Fantastic fan experience. As for the venue and facilities, this track is clean and well kept. The staff are helpful and the important thing is the bathrooms are plentiful and clean.


23 okt. 2018


Excellent seats, smooth transaction

This is the second time we’ve used BookF1 and it was great, just like before. We had seats in Turn 12 and they were fantastic. Great viewing spot. Smooth transaction in terms of purchasing and receiving tickets. Very communicative is when tix are shipped etc. Received some email updates about parking, etc during race weekend which was helpful. We’re committed bookf1 customers!

Mark Myers

27 okt. 2017


Enjoyed the race concert venue.?

First time to watch a race and was not Disappointed . Super stage was to far away and had to wait too long for the gates to open. Good and drink locations were plentiful. Margarita location was closed?


24 okt. 2017


Great views turn 12

Turn 12 offers great views of the track.


23 okt. 2017


Best race of the season

Having been to Silverstone and Monza circuits I can only say wow what fabulous views from high up in turn 12. We could see so much of the track and a lot of the overtaking went on right in front of us. Parking was easy and walks not too long so no need for shuttle. Traffic v good in comparison to other tracks. Seats pretty uncomfortable as metal and it gets v v hot and sticky. Somewhere you could wash your hands after visiting the toilet would have been nice. The food was hideously expensive so try to take your own. They advise only 1 small bottle of water each allowed but we took rolls and snacks too. V friendly staff and volounteers to offer advice if you need it.


05 nov. 2016


Fantastic weekend

The whole facility was fantastic, so much to see and do, fab seating, brill weather, food prices reasonable and parking was a god send. Traffic was handled excellently.


28 okt. 2016



View from Row 32 was incredible, definitely worth the money. Overall it was a great experience to be there over the race weekend. The atmosphere was fun and there were great performances from Taylor Swift and Usher. The only advice I would give would be to plan how you are getting to and from the circuit well in advance. It was impossible getting a taxi back after the performances. I would recommend getting one of the shuttles which drop you a 15 minute walk away from the circuit and cost $20 per person per day. Or better still, invest in parking (around $100-$125 for the 3 days).


28 okt. 2015


Great weekend despite the weather!

Austin is one of the best organised events ive been too, not just races. Picking up tickets was really easy even though i had a receipt for one set and just an envelope on my name on it for the second set. Queues were very short and we were straight in. There were long lines of cars into the circuit but there are lots of ways in so we jumped out of our Uber fairly close and walked. Getting back out was much busier but there were taxis crawling in traffic that were picking up. Facilities inside were really good, plenty of food options although its Texas so there are more bbq stands than other more healthy options. Our stand at turn 12 had, i think, the best view of any stands as you see all the way down the straight, into the complex and also parts of the other side and first corner in the distance, theres also a big screen right in front. Plenty of action was right in front of us. Only issues were mostly weather related with it being soaked from 3 days heavy rain and the wind was really blowing. The stands are very open so if theres a cold wind it blows straight through. Again its Texas so hopefully cold and wet weather isnt a regular thing. If it is wet its not too muddy getting around but some things are on the grass which means the surrounding grass turns very muddy. Another point to mention was there are hundreds of toilets. Muddy with the weather but hardly any queues like other races. Literally porta-loos along every path inside and outside the circuit.


29 nov. 2013


F1 austin 2013

Had a great time!

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Kinderen van 2 jaar en jonger hebben gratis toegang tot de algemene toegang onder begeleiding van een betalende volwassene. Kinderen van 2 jaar en jonger hebben geen recht op een eigen zitplaats op de tribune, tenzij een kaartje voor de volle prijs wordt gekocht. Alle kinderen ouder dan 2 jaar moeten een kaartje tegen de volle prijs hebben.

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De Flex Pass geeft je de vrijheid om elke dag van de Grand Prix op een andere tribune te zitten. Er is een beperkt aantal van de volgende Flex-passen beschikbaar:

  • Stars Flex Pass: bocht 1 midden - bocht 15 midden op vrijdag, bocht 1 midden op zaterdag en draai 1 midden op zondag
  • Stars Flex Pass: T15 / T1 / T15 - Beurt 15 midden op vrijdag, bocht 1 midden op zaterdag en bocht 15 midden op zondag
  • Stars Flex Pass: T1 / T1 / T15 - Bocht 1 midden op vrijdag, bocht 1 midden op zaterdag en bocht 15 midden op zondag
Kies uit de volgende opties met elke dag een andere tribune:

  • Stripes Flex Pass: bocht 12 laag - bocht 9 op vrijdag, bocht 4 op zaterdag en bocht 12 laag op zondag
  • Stripes Flex Pass: bocht 4 - bocht 12 laag op vrijdag, bocht 9 op zaterdag en bocht 4 op zondag
  • Stripes Flex Pass: bocht 9 - bocht 4 op vrijdag, bocht 12 laag op zaterdag en bocht 9 op zondag
  • Stars Flex Pass: Hoofdtribune Laag - bocht 1 midden op vrijdag, bocht 15 midden op zaterdag en Hoofdtribune laag op zondag
  • Stars Flex Pass: bocht 1 midden - bocht 15 midden op vrijdag, Hoofdtribune onder op zaterdag en bocht 1 midden op zondag
  • Stars Flex Pass: bocht 15 midden - Hoofdtribune laag op vrijdag, bocht 1 midden op zaterdag en bocht 15 midden op zondag


COTA's outdoor Super Stage staat bekend om het hosten van internationale supersterren als onderdeel van het F1-weekend. Op vrijdag 1 november zal de Amerikaanse pop-rockband Imagine Dragons naar de Super Stage gaan om fans te imponeren en op zaterdag 2 november zal de internationale megaster P!Nk het feest op gang brengen voorafgaand aan de race op zondag. Na de race op zondag 3 november sluiten de internationale sensaties Kool and the Gang een ongelooflijk weekend vol race en entertainment af. Alle toegangskaarten voor de respectievelijke dagen geven toegang tot het avondconcert. Je kunt ook een upgrade voor een staand of zittend concert kopen om dichter bij de show te komen.


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