Гран-при Венгрии 2021

30 июля 01 авг.
McLaren F1 Experience

F1 Венгрии 2021McLaren F1 Experience



The Formula 1™ calendar is a captivating showcase of the world’s most charismatic destinations. From the chic European cities of Barcelona, Monaco, Budapest and Milan, to the exotic excitement of Singapore and Japan; from the opulence of Abu Dhabi and Bahrain to the quirkiness of Austin and Mexico City. For those who love racing in its purest form there are the most revered of racing circuits at Spa, Silverstone and Sao Paulo.

Based within the Formula One™ Paddock Club, the McLaren Formula 1™ Experience was founded in 1989 and has played host exclusively to the McLaren Partners’ business leaders and VIPs ever since. The combination of prime access, the finest service, exquisite cuisine and breath taking views of the racing redefined a Formula 1™ weekend. McLaren invite you to explore this fascinating world.

The McLaren Formula 1™ Experience private suite or tables sit above the team garages overlooking the pit lane with views of the start finish line. From here guests can experience the thrill of the race build up, the intensity of each pit stop and the sheer excitement of watching the winner take the chequered flag. It is, without doubt, an unrivalled and privileged view.

Hungary mclaren f1 experience ricciardo
Hungary mclaren f1 experience on track action

Guests are welcomed to the McLaren Formula 1 Experience from first thing in the morning until the end of the racing day. Guests will arrive, via dedicated VIP guest routes, into the centre of the circuit to an exclusive parking area. On arrival, you will be presented with a gift bag before being directed to your table, where the McLaren hospitality team will personally welcome you. A full breakfast along with pastries freshly made by the Paddock Club’s own Chefs de Partie is offered to start the day.

Each day the McLaren Formula 1 Experience is punctuated with driver interviews using the Pit Link, broadcasting a live two-way interaction between the McLaren Garage and McLaren Paddock Club Suite. Senior Management interviews will also be conducted via the pit link enabling guests to gain unique insights into Formula 1 and the race weekend strategy.

Race team headsets will be available for small groups throughout each F1 session. Members of the McLaren team will be on hand to host guests as they listen in to team radio whilst viewing the live garage feed displayed onscreen, alongside Marple and the track action. Giant screens allow guests to follow all of the track action and race timing screens display the cascade of information you will find the teams looking at on the pit wall.

Hungary mclaren f1 experience inside suite
Hungary mclaren f1 experience private suite

The McLaren Formula One Experience includes:

  • Formula 1 Paddock Club ticket for admission to the circuit, individually presented in premium packaging
  • McLaren tables located within the Paddock Club, above the Formula 1 pits with privileged views of the pit lane and the main start/finish straight
  • An exclusive McLaren gift bag, per guest, per day
  • Daily driver appearances conducted via Zoom
  • Paddock and Garage tours conducted via Zoom
  • Race watch headsets will be provided to small groups of guest sat their tables, throughout each F1 session
  • Access to the Paddock Club Lounge which includes a champagne bar, Viennese pastry and homemade ice cream stand and activities such as a Formula 1 simulator
  • McLaren personnel on hand to host guests, offering a unique insight into the team
  • Grid Photo Experience giving guests the opportunity to have their photo taken on the grid with the F1 Championship trophies (subject to availability)
  • Daily Truck Tours where guests will be able to experience a lap of the circuit first hand (subject to availability)
  • Bilingual hostesses available throughout each day to ensure guests comfort and enjoyment
  • Large LED screens positioned around the Paddock Club to bring the thrill of the on-track action to guests
  • Entry to Formula 1 Village and all Entertainment Zones
  • Entry to McLaren competitions throughout each day
  • Access to Formula 1 business platforms; the Business Suite and Paddock Club Networking App
  • Bespoke fine dining menu served throughout each day
  • Champagne, fine wine, beer and soft drinks served throughout each day
  • 1x car parking pass provided for every 3x tickets purchased
Hungary mclaren f1 experience balcony
Hungary mclaren f1 experience simulator

The Formula 1 Paddock Club will be operating in compliance with all local COVID regulations. Health and safety measures will be reviewed continuously, in line with local guidelines.

The following health and safety measures will be implemented throughout the Paddock Club and are subject to change throughout the 2021 season:

  • Paddock Club COVID testing
  • Health check procedures when arriving at the circuit
  • Track and Trace system in place
  • Social distancing in compliance with all local regulations
  • The removal of self-service buffets and food and drink stations
  • Enhanced hygiene and cleaning measures
Hungary mclaren f1 experience lando sign

Prices are per person. For large groups or private areas then please contact us for a customised quote.

Additional car park passes can be purchased, along with coach passes and driver passes (for chauffeurs).


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Детские билеты

Детские билеты распространяются на детей до 13 лет включительно.

Детские билеты не распространяются на зону гостеприимства, поэтому для ребенка приобретается взрослый билет.

При входе на трассу может потребоваться удостоверение личности ребенка. Обратите внимание, что дети должны находиться в сопровождении взрослого в течение всего времени пребывания на трассе.

Для лиц с особыми потребностями

Доступная среда для лиц, передвигающихся в инвалидном кресле, организована на трибуне Золото 3. Билеты для сопровождающих и детей доступны для заказа онлайн. Билеты для лиц с особыми потребностями не доступны на другие трибуны и в зону свободного размещения.

Сопровождающему зрителя с особыми потребностями полагается особый билет. На один билет для лица с особыми потребностями рассчитан только один билет для сопровождающего.


Прогулка по пит-лейн

Уточняйте наличие и время проведения прогулки по пит-лейн для владельцев билетов на весь уик-энд ближе к началу мероприятия.

Билеты 3 Поворота

Данные билеты позволяют зрителям каждый день наслаждаться гонками на разных трибунах.

  • 3 Поворота Супер Золото — Ред Булл (пт), Золото 1 (ряды 1-12) (сб), Супер Золото (ряды 1-12) (вс)
  • 3 Поворота Золото 1 — Супер Золото (ряды 1-12) (пт), Ред Булл (сб), Золото 1 (ряды 1-12) (вс)
  • 3 Поворота Ред Булл — Золото 1 (ряды 1-12) (пт), Супер Золото (ряды 1-12) (сб), Ред Булл (вс)
  • 3 Поворота Золото 4 — Серебро 1 (пт), Серебро 5 (сб), Золото 4 (вс)
  • 3 Поворота Серебро 1 — Серебро 5 (пт), Золото 4 (сб), Серебро 1 (вс)
  • 3 Поворота Серебро 5 — Золото 4 (пт), Серебро 1 (сб), Серебро 5 (вс)


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